God is the Light in Ocean Storms of Our Life that Never Fades Away


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I am in love with the ocean. It is actually my, or I guess, someone here who is listening to me can agree that the ocean can fill up the emptiness inside me, inside us. It is driving me crazy how every single time I wish to live somewhere nearby the sea just so I could always be near, see and feel that you are with me. Even if the world and the universe will try to tear me down, ocean will be there to save me and I can finally just surf to that and forget that the world and the universe are hurting me. That even if they will cast their comets, meteorites or even the planet I will not be frighten because the ocean will be my knight in shining armour. I am in love with the ocean. I am in love with how deep it is. That no matter how deep, I am willing to swim and get drown in it because the deeper you swim, the more amazing you get and the more you fall in love with what’s inside it.

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Waves that will remind you that no matter how complicated the world and the universe, he will be there to comfort you. Waves that will become your lullaby when you can’t stop yourself from crying. Waves that you can surf, get yourself lost while enjoying it. Its water that will help you lessen the burden you are carrying. That no matter how heavy your heart is, ocean or the water will carry it for you. Its tide, its high and low. The way how the moon, the darkness can affect to it. No matter how high or low the water is, it only prove one thing,Being affected by darkness can’t change the fact that you are wonderfully and incredibly made. When I say I am in love with the ocean, what I mean is I am in love with myself or you. I am talking to you and I am telling you, you can fill the emptiness inside you.

You can win the war between you and the universe and the world. That no matter how deep that scar is, you will heal. That no matter how deep the life is, you should never stop swimming because the deeper you swim the more amazing it gets and the more you fall in love with yourself. Your own waves, you can tell yourself how great you are. Your voice, telling yourself that you are enough will be your lullaby when you can’t stop yourself from crying. The water, you, yourself will help you carry all the burden that you have. All that heartaches will go if you will help yourself carry it. You don’t need to be somewhere near the sea because just being with or by being yourself, you can face all the comets and meteorites that the universe will give you. And that even in your ups and downs, you are magnificent, beautiful, stunning, and lovely and still, worth waiting till the morning, till you shine. I am in love with the moon.

How it only shine during the night, darkness. How it only shine when everyone is asleep. When everyone is having a hard time distinguishing whether it is a dream or a reality. And while everyone is asleep, there he is. You’re light, you’re knight in shining armour. When you’re asleep, there he is making his own way to give you light. And when the morning comes, when sunlight surrounds and you can no longer see any hint of darkness, you also no longer distinguish that there was once a moon that had light up the sky during the night. And when I say that I am in love with the moon what I mean is I am in love how great God is. How He make His own way while we are asleep just to give us light. That in the midst of heartaches, war and darkness, He is our knight in shining armour. I am in love with how great He is, how He makes the impossible to possible. How He comforts everyone struggling all the same time.

How He manage to become everyone’s knight in shining armour even though sometimes we tend to blame Him in every problems we encounter. God doesn’t only shine during the night, while everyone is asleep because your every minute, every second, every hour here, where you are standing right now, He is with you. He will be our light in our ocean. He will become our source of light and what He only asks for is to believe. Believe and watch till the impossible become possible. Watch how He becomes our light during the night. And lastly, wake up those people who are asleep and make them believe.

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