Limitation of Internet Access to Students

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A biggest wonderful invention for human beings is the internet, it brings a variety of benefits to people’s life from entertainment, travel, jobs, information to knowledge etc. Student especially is a huge source that uses the internet for their own purposes that related to many different things. Additionally, except internet supporting student on education, it provides a great entertainment portal for music, games, movies and also contact with people through the convenient applications. However, anything always has two sides, the good side and the bad one. Hence, I strongly believe it contains many disadvantages things on internet that effect on today’s generation and in this essay we will discuss it According to Retno Tamia (2013), addicted to game online or social network is dangerous like addicted to alcohol or drugs.

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There are nothing wrong when student access to the internet to relax after school. They might update their friends’ status on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or other social network sites and some choose to play online games with their friends. All of it is fine for a reasonable relaxing until they are addicted to the social network pages and online games. A research of Susan D. Moeller said she was astonished by what number of students conceded that they were ‘staggeringly dependent’ to media, (2010). The internet addiction can be any kind, a student can be addicted to social media networking sites or gaming sites. Wasting so many time on the internet to play game may influence student’s sensitivity and make them lost self-control. For an example: in an online game match with the boys, there would be some unexpected inconsistency among team players. If it is a small conflict it would be a dispute with each other. Other serious cases, there will be the dangerously attack that leads to pitiful death because of the argument in online games particularly and social network in general. Moreover, some students spend their sleeping hours on the internet in order to chat with their friends or playing games and these bad habits are very harmful to the developing minds of students.

Sleeping time is one of the most essential activities in the development and physical rehabilitation of human especially to student after a long day at school and their different activities. If students do not spend enough at sleep and keep staying up late, it will change their biology clock. Then, when they wake up the next day, they have low energy and could not have good attention in class or even fall asleep. If this status continues for a long time it is not only damaging to students’ health and their intellectual growth but also their physical growth would also be very much affected seriously. Many people believe the internet has improved people communication. According to some people’s opinions say that it is easy to contact far relatives or friends from over the sea, about students they can exchange exercises with their mates by just staying at home and using the application to make video chats also help them keep in touch with their friends. The Web enabled individuals to speak with individuals in for all intents and purposes any piece of the world through the web without leaving room with least of times (Essay, Uk 2013).

Nevertheless, these day students hardly do any of physical exercises and face to face social skills are not exercised. They spend their free time sitting in front of their computers instead of going outside breathe some fresh air and do some activities that done by their body. Talking through the monitor’s screen or phone is not the real communication because it could not express whole people’s feeling to each other and it does not help students grow their communication skills as well as the necessary good manners that make us human. The last but not less important that lacking real communicate especially with the member of a family will lead to the insensitivity and loses a sense of reality and lives in their own world. Could you imagine that how bad it will when living in the same roof but there’s no sharing or interacting between parents and siblings, what will happen when children without parents’ care and themselves just always in rush situation so as to have more time with their laptop? While the Internet is supposed to bring people together, the fact that people only talk online instead of making an effort to meet each other. It was a strange and making people confuse that internet really had helped human close to each other or had made people losing their ability to communicate.

Besides, When you were in school, cheating is about looking at a classmates’ paper or copying a friend’s homework but cheating in today has differences because homework and other school projects can be copied right on the internet, making cheating very easy to do with just a few searches and clicks. One of the most serious consequences of the internet is the number of students cheat on tests are increasing by using the internet. The internet offers how to find the answers to the tests, what the student needs to do is just do some researches then copy and paste material. A couple of sites even offer finish research papers on a prevalent subject or basic books. Others enable understudies to buy a paper by Amy Morin, (2017). The main purpose of the documents, researches or information are for people to refer and get more knowledge. But today student’s demand to use and complete the tasks, researches, tests etc so that a few websites’ establisher or author’s research they do their own business with their researches and sell it online. Therefore, seem there is no way to stop students from using other’s research because of the definition, there is a demand there is a provider. Additionally, as a result of decreasing creativity due to the internet student do not need to make more effort, to pay any more attention or think because everything they need to know and learn is just within a click of a button, everything will be appeared on the internet (Jun 24, 2017).

Instead of spending time to study and awake personal creativity on the internet, but when student tend to do something aimlessly they surf the internet for information and there’s no longer after time of searching in front of the computer is like being sucked in a black hole of information and they even do not think out the box. Therefore, though students surf the internet aimlessly, sometimes it restrains their self-thinking as well as personal creativity. Though the internet has available the disadvantages and bad aspect to students, we can not deny the benefits of it. The Internet provides some tools that support students in their study such as dictionary in many different languages can be found on the internet for students who prefer a new language. Moreover, learning online from videos or the distance learning programmes are now very popular for students want to take part in the courses which are from different school whole over the world. According to Stephen Armstrong, online learning is a great alternative to traditional universities, especially for people who can’t afford the time and money to take a real course.

In facts, study online student can save some fees such as transportation fee, eating fee, and the more important thing is it saves time for the busy one. Given the numerous disadvantages of the internet but it does not mean the internet is completely bad. The world has many things and most of them have both sides including benefits also disadvantages. The internet has no fault, it has bad effect on students or not, all depend on the way they use this thing. Students-themselves should consider and have awareness of what is good and what is bad when accessing the internet to ensure that the social networking sites or any sites on the internet will not hurt them. Be a smart internet user.

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