Limits of Cognition According to Descartes

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Yes, I believe that Descartes’ assertion that deception is a sign of weakness rather than power is plausible because no one knows for sure where everyone came from as much research as you do and as much mathematics is put into it. Yes, we all came from God and Descartes figured that out and finally started to believe that, however it shows weakness that he cannot say his entire family tree, generation by generation till it reaches God. I only say this is a sign of weakness due to the fact that no one will ever figure that out. It is a weakness within everyone that we all must say we do not know where we came from. Maybe we know what country we came from and a few generations up the family tree, but it is a weakness to us that we do not have the power to detect each and every person that took place within our family’s. Yes he adds that God is perfect, but God cannot tell us what we want to hear and learn, in which is a weakness that we all possess, rather than a power as we cannot believe anything for sure.

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The distinction between understanding and will explains the possibility of error because humans are out to judge things that are far beyond the reach of understanding. Being cautious in judgement and understandings would eliminate chance for error to occur. If the human race is able to restrain from their wills in which where things are perceived such as the Cogito or thoughts or proof of God existing, then it would be utterly impossible for error to occur in humans. Descartes explains that people must avoid error by being cautions and using correct measures in judgements by following things that are most certain.The will is more perfect that the understanding because the will is just the following of the belief and accepting it. The understanding is looked at as the first half, where the mistakes are made due to the fact that it consists of the straining the beliefs together and entertaining them. The understanding is the putting together of thoughts that come to mind in which leaves a great margin of possibility of error. If you do not know for certain, then it has potential to be imperfect. The will is the believing of the understanding which makes it harder to obtain error when it is certain.

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