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Line-X, established as a division of Burtin Urethane Corporation on April 2, 1993, has come a far way as a successful company in its industry; it specializes in the industry of high-performance protective coatings, which can be applied to anything ranging from cars to valuables that people don’t want damaged (“About | LineX”, 2018). Line-X continues to remain on top of the industry as a leader through effective marketing strategies, high-quality products, reasonable prices, and a powerful online presence. This paper will aim to analyze Line-X’s internal environment as it relates to its mission, values, and vision, to its organizational culture, and to its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as the company’s corporate strategy and competitive strategy.

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“A company’s mission statement, vision statement, and values statement are written, formal declarations of the purpose and guiding principles of the company; they set the stage for the organization’s strategies, and are the foundations upon which the company’s culture and structure are built” (Francis, 2018). Line-X was established in 1993, but continued to keep up with the changing trends of economy, technology, and marketing and remains a leader in its industry even today. In fact, Line-X has been recently showing more growth and brand recognition than it ever has before, and constant expansion through multiple franchises across the nation has made it a promising company to invest in. One of the major elements in Line-X’s success is their commitment to their mission, values and vision.

Line-X’s mission statement says: “We are dedicated to providing our customers with products and solutions that exceed expectations. We promise premium performance, superior quality, exceptional value, and excellence in every dimension of your Line-X experience” (“About | Line-X”, 2018). Their mission statement is straightforward and succinct, and clearly introduces the business identity of Line-X. Moreover, their vagueness with the phrase “we are dedicated to providing… solutions that exceed expectations” almost implicates that Line-X is beneficial in other areas besides the protective coat sprays. Line-X also is accomplished in giving a summary of their characteristics such as their competitive prices and high-quality services and products. Most importantly, the company’s mission statement addresses the four essential questions any well-written mission statement should address (Francis, 2018). Why does the company exist? It exists because they are dedicated to providing their customers with products and solutions that exceed expectations. What does the company do? Provide their customers with products and solutions that exceed expectations. How does the company do it? By promising premium performance, superior quality, exceptional value, and excellence in every dimension of their Line-X experience. And last, but not least, whom does the company do it for? Their customers. As can be seen, Line-X’s mission statement includes answers to the four essential questions any well-written mission statement should possess.

Line-X’s value statement is as follows: “For over 20 years, Line-X has provided its customers with high-performance protective coatings and technical expertise. We pride ourselves on solving complex problems with chemistry. That’s why each and every Line-X applicator receives comprehensive product training, follows a multi-point inspection for quality control, and why our Product Development team puts each Line-X product through rigorous physical testing (“About | Line-X”, 2018). Line-X’s impressive value statement emphasizes the company’s focus on their research when developing and testing out their products. Also, it is followed by an extensive list of achievements attained by Line-X, milestones they have reached in their long history, as well as the various contributions they have made. Thanks to their centeredness on delivering the highest-quality products within their industry, they have achieved various milestones such as being the only company in the industry with dedicated full-time research and development staff, and being the first spray-on blast-mitigation coating, tested by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Air Force Research Academy (“About | Line-X”, 2018). These are only a few of Line-X’s accomplishments, among many, but they perform well in conveying Line-X’s commitment in their products and in their consumers.

However, Line-X’s focus doesn’t only lay with their products and their consumers, they also care for their community. In 2016, they donated $50,000 to veteran non-profit organization Operation Mend (“About | Line-X”, 2018), and as of 2017 they joined the nationwide mission against childhood cancer in a partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, donating $10 for each purchase of their bedliners from August 28, 2017 to September 30, 2017 (“Line-X Joins Nationwide Mission”, 2017). Again, these are only few examples from Line-X’s efforts in giving back to the community, and supporting crucial causes. These accomplishments are included under Line-X’s value statement, but the value statement itself doesn’t focus on this. Rather, the value statement’s focus lays in the basic building blocks of Line-X, it’s commitment to research and development so they can produce non-replicable products that are of the best equality.

Line-X’s values are successfully implemented into Line-X’s, as it’s the foundation of the concept of their company. Moreover, their elevated expectations of quality can be a rich source of organizational pride, and will improve innovation. Line-X’s values have even paved a pathway for their products to be utilized by the United States army, who use their services to protect their army vehicles, planes, as well as weapons (“Outside the Bedliner”, 2018). As can be seen, when a company stays faithful to their mission and value statements, and do tasks that contribute to these elements, they generate an incredible amount of success for themselves. Line-X’s involvement with the military got them recognition from various different countries and world leaders, and they have already expanded into over 70 countries (“A Global Business”, 2018).

Line-X’s vision statement is as follows: “Our passion for protection and innovation has expanded Line-X applications beyond bedliners into other areas of the automotive aftermarket – like specialty automotive coatings and accessories – as well as the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing realms. Line-X products and people are up for almost any challenge” (“About | Line-X”, 2018). Their vision statement implies that although they are the leader in the automotive protective coating spray industry and have extensive experience in the market, they are open to any challenges as to the applicability of Line-X, and are willing to expand their products and services into other industries such as the commercial and manufacturing ones. This short, but concise vision statement is an excellent way to establish the company’s expectations of itself. The company’s determination in achieving this vision statement can be seen through several promotional videos on their website. Rather than applying Line-X spray on cars, as it’s usually done, the spray is shown to be applied on a water pipe that has a hole in it. After the application, not only is the hole fixed and there isn’t any water leakage, showing that Line-X can be useful even in home, for day-to-day problems. Therefore, Line-X’s vision statement provides the inspiration for daily operation with its product, molds its strategic decisions, and paints a graphic mental picture of how the business will look like in a few years.

“Organizational culture refers to assumptions, values, principles, traditions, and beliefs that are shared by organizational members influencing how they are to act, and dictating what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior” (Francis, 2018). Line-X has an organizational culture that is performance-oriented and competitive, as they emphasize high achievement, results and actions as important values. Moreover, Line-X seems highly organized and enthusiastic within their company. They have grown so substantially in the past two years that they have created a new business under the brand name of Line-X, a business of helping other businesses market and promote their products and services effectively, since they were so efficient in it. The company is thriving on its success, and using the methods it utilized to get to that success as a means of earning even more profits. Line-X has an extremely competitive nature, and doesn’t feel shy to rub their success in their competition’s face, which is an evidence of their aggressive organizational culture that expects the highest quality products.

For instance, one of the Line-X locations has a webpage called Line-X vs. The Competition that shows various videos, such as Hardness Test and Abrasion Test that demonstrates Line-X’s superior performance compared to other protective coating companies, such as Rebel Liners, Rhino Liners, ArmorThane Liners, Toff Liners, Reflex Liners, Gatorhyde Liners, etc. As can be seen, competition can sometimes be brutal which is the case with Line-X as they wipe out their competition without a second thought. They are proud owners of their “leaders of the industry” title. Line-X’s performance-oriented culture based on outcome might be one of the primary reasons as to why it outperforms its competition that are lacking such a culture.

Line-X’s corporate strategy is to remain as the leader within their industry while earning their position as a leader in other industries and building a loyal customer base through high-quality products and effective gamification. As of right now, Line-X is located in over 500 locations within the United States and has services in over 70 countries through various partnerships, and is thus, already ahead of its competitors. However, the competing companies are making daily efforts to catch up with Line-X’s performance, so Line-X has an efficient marketing strategy. They have recently launched an amazing promotional campaign that showcases “the limitless application possibilities of its products through” a humorous perspective (“Outside the Bedliner”, 2018). This campaign shows Line-X being applied to a variety of things, ranging from cars to donuts, demonstrating that even a soft thing such as a donut can be indestructible once sprayed with Line-X. They are also focusing on other services such as offering a completely light-and medium-duty work truck upfitting solution as well as a plan to design and launch durable cars for civilians (“Line-X Launches Fleet Upfitting Solution”, 2018).

Line-X is constantly ahead of its competition. Their competitive strategy is founded on their value statement of being the leader in their industry by focusing on thorough and extensive research and development that will enable them to deliver the highest-quality products. Their unwavering commitment and focus in delivering such high-quality products sets them apart to begin with. However, besides their commitment to high-quality, Line-X never wants to stop growing. Each year they launch in a new country, with the latest being Australia in 2017, while their competition remains as domestic businesses (“About | Line-X”, 2018). Moreover, Line-X partakes in new projects that contribute to the overall innovation and technology of the entire world.

In 2017, Line-X partnered up with Polaris to introduce the demilitarized DAGOR concept at the SEMA convention; “the battlefield-tested Polaris DAGOR ultra-light tactical off-road vehicle – usually only available to the United States Department of Defense and allied militaries across the globe – is now debuting for the general public as a civilian concept vehicle. The ‘demilitarized’ concept DAGOR has proven performance and durability in the most challenging environments on earth” (MPN Staff Writers, 2017). The company is not only aiming to provide protective coating, it’s stepping beyond that realm, and tries to exceed itself by pushing their innovation to its limits. While competing companies are still trying to catch up with the performance provided by Line-X, Line-X is focusing on showing to its investors and stockholders how much potential they have as a company.

As can be seen, Line-X is a strong company that maintains its leadership within the protective coating industry, especially within the automotive aftermath market. The company’s powerful mission, vision, and value statements pave a pathway for it to sustain an organizational culture that’s performance-oriented and competitive, which allows them to be a global brand presence. Line-X’s determination in staying ahead of its competition has lead them to push their innovation resulting in amazingly durable vehicles, technologic contributions to the community, and solutions to many automotive issues.

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