Literary Analysis of Madeleine L'engle’s Book, a Wrinkle in Time

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A Wrinkle in Time is an exciting adventure of supernatural proportions. The amount of excitement being proved by the quote, " Wild nights are my glory," said by one of the extraordinary figures that help the heroes and heroine throughout their ordeals. Madeleine L'Engle, the author, writes in such a way that when read, the readers feel like they are actually in the story. Various emotions and thoughts will be felt and thunk throughout the book, from imagining L'Engle's fantastic creatures to loathing the dark antagonistic figures that dwell throughout space. Making captivation of this tale an inevitable event, due to the author's imagery, the mood she sets up for each event, and the fondness developing with each character, as if the character was actually known personally.Madeleine uses a vast amount of imagery throughout the entire novel.

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Imagery so vivid that in one's mind it feels like the dialogue is spoken by one's self instead of by the progatonist. The quantity of detail used is so great that it would be known even if an insignificant shrub was rooted somewhere in the environment of where the characters may be in. For example, in every location that the story's personalities are in, an almost exact view of the landscape, any beings that may exist there, and the name by which the environment they inhabit in that time is called, would be known. The imagery is somewhat used in correspondence with any foreshadowing that takes place, because some objects described that do not seem to be important may later be of some significance.

L'Engle, in every situation always configures a type of mood to prompt the reader for what's next to come. From the beautiful fragrance to forewarn one of a happy duration of reading to a rythmic beating to drive someone crazy, the author knows what kinds of sounds, smells, and sights to acknowledge the reader into a future negative or positive event. Through her imagery, dialogue, and just something unknown in her writing that seems to be implied the mood of past, current or forecoming predicaments become known to her audience. These atmospheres help ready one for any events whether it be sad, happy, or neither. By Madeleine's descriptive characterization readers would feel as if they knew what a character would say next, because it would be as if they knew the character. Such as how she describes Meg, the heroine/ protagonist of the story, as rebelious, somewhat smart, and stubborn, therefore somewhat foreshadowing how she would handle herself in certain situations.

The author's characterization also helps with the imagery for comparing and contrasting things that happen later in the book, for example Calvin, a male main character, is described as very tall and lanky, that description is used in comparison when they arrive on a planet of very large creatures, so when he sits down L'Engle tells how his legs just dangle, because his feet cannot touch the ground, due to the tallness of those creatures' chairs. Madeleine L'Engle is a very descriptive and to the point writer, at least in this novel anyway. " To the point" meaning that not a whole lot of symbolism is used, so every object means what it means, making easier reading. Using her writing techniques she develops interesting and unique plots, in turn making her somewhat of a good writer. All in all, L'Engle is a good writer for lower grade reading levels, but simplistic for higher grades.

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