Literature Review on Iot Based Shrewd Water Quality Monitoring System

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  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Smart Water Monitoring System Using IOT at Home
    IOT Based Water Quality Monitoring System
    Smart Water Quality Monitoring System for Real Time Applications 
    IOT Based Low Cost System for Monitoring of Water Quality in Real Time
    Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT
    Smart Water Quality Monitoring System Using IoT Environment 
    Water Quality Monitoring System Based on IOT
    Intelligent IOT Based Water Quality Monitoring System
    IOT Based System for Water Quality Monitoring
    IOT Based Water Quality Monitoring System
  • References


The customary strategy for testing the water standard is to assemble tests of water physically and send it to the lab. This strategy is tedious, of wastage of labour, and not conservative. In this paper, the water quality estimating framework that we have scrutinized checks the nature of water continuously through different sensors to gauge the nature of water. The Wi-fi module in the framework moves statistics gathered by the sensors to the microcontroller, and transfers the information to mobile/PC. This framework can keep an exacting beware of the contamination of the water assets and have the option to provide a domain for safe drinking water.

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Water is one of the countless essential commodities that has been skilled to the humanity. However, some human exercises speeded up the sullying and crumbled the water assets. For this reason, water quality observing is important to recognize any adjustments in water quality parameters from time-to-time. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has built up a progression of observing stations for water bodies across the nation over which the water quality is checked on either month to month or yearly premise. Every one of the stations will work continuously and central station can get to information from any of the above stations utilizing GPRS/GSM administrations. The framework is meant for constant on location discerning and ongoing enumeration of water quality information where the ascendancy can get to the documentation on the smart phone/PC through Internet. This framework utilizes different sensors to gauge the parameters, is affordable and requires less labour. Internet of Things is characterized as the system of physical items installed with sensors that empowers these commodities to gather and exchange data. Remote advancements, for example, the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee enable the appliance to be associated with the Internet and to one another. In Ubiquitous Network Architecture savvy things are a piece of the Internet; approved clients approach data; servers go about as a plummet to congregate information from each item. One can make applications like sensor logging with the assistance of ThingSpeak. ThingSpeak can send sensor’s information to cloud to store it in a channel utilizing sensors.

Literature Review

Smart Water Monitoring System Using IOT at Home

The paper proposes a shrewd sensor interface gadget that integrates water tank level monitoring, water pollution monitoring and water pipeline leakage monitoring.[1] The framework mechanization is spoken to by utilizing Labview programming. The microcontroller is the central part which controls all the gadgets (ultrasonic, pH, temperature, stream sensor, motor, 22 GSM) that are associated with it. Microcontroller sends the information to phone/pc through the USB connector. In this model, the coding is written in Arduino IDE. The output here, is shown on serial monitor. The proposed framework keeps running on battery power and contains four sub circuits working synchronously; sensor circuit, controller circuit, SMS circuit and relay driver circuit.

IOT Based Water Quality Monitoring System

The system enforced checks the standard of water in real time through varied sensors (one for every parameter: hydrogen ion concentration, conduction, temperature, turbidity) to live the standard of water. The sensor catches the data as analog signals. The ADC then changes these signals into digital formats. Microcontroller acknowledges and sends the statistics gathered from the sensors to the web page through Wi-Fi module. This can be done with the assistance of coding. The code is written in Embedded-C and Arduino programming is utilized to reproduce the code.

Smart Water Quality Monitoring System for Real Time Applications 

A real time observation of water goodness by IoT is projected. Different sensors (turbidity, pH, temperature, conductivity) are used to access the data which is controlled by Arduino controller. The examined statistics is handled through the microcontroller in the Arduino module and is then transferred using GSM/Wi-fi module. The microcontroller in Arduino will examine itself and course the digital information and the GSM model will send the water quality factors to the smartphone/pc by the SMS, which can be observed on the LCD. The transmission is performed with the help of coding. Embedded-C language is used to writing the code and Keil u vision software is used to simulate the program.[3]

IOT Based Low Cost System for Monitoring of Water Quality in Real Time

The paper proposes a sensor based water quality observation system that is employed to measure physical and chemical parameters of the water. The parameters, temperature, pH, TDS and turbidity of the water can be estimated. The Raspberry Pi model is utilized as a center controller. The Raspberry pi will get to the statistics from various sensors and afterwards then form the information. The sensor information can be seen on the cloud utilizing ThingSpeak App.

Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT

The paper presents a blueprint of an affordable system for real time observance of the water quality and amount of water using IOT (internet of things).The framework comprises of Arduino microcontroller, water stream sensor, pH, turbidity sensor and ultrasonic sensor. The Arduino is the primary processor of the framework which controls the information created by the sensors. Wi-Fi module is associated with the Arduino which helps to move the information over the web. The ultrasonic sensor estimates the water level when the water stream arrives at a certain level and other sensors like temperature, pH and turbidity sensor measure the water quality.

Smart Water Quality Monitoring System Using IoT Environment 

The paper presents a smart water quality monitoring with sensor interface device in Internet of things.[6] The proposed framework gathers the five parameters of water- pH, water level, turbidity, conductivity and temperature with different sensors utilizing ThingSpeak. The core of the equipment segments is the Arduino board and Wi-Fi module which helps in transmission of the information.

Water Quality Monitoring System Based on IOT

The paper presents a prototype and development of an affordable system for real time observance of the water quality in IOT. The framework has sensors that facilitate to compute real time values, Arduino atmega328 that converts the analog values to digital ones and a LCD showing the output from sensors. Wi-fi module provides the affiliation between hardware and code. BLYNK app is put in within the android version to envision the output.

Intelligent IOT Based Water Quality Monitoring System

The system here employs pH detector and TDS meter for measurement of the water quality parameters concerning protons and total dissolved solvents. Additionally, machine learning algorithmic program K-Means agglomeration has been used for predicting the standard of water based on information sent from various water samples. The framework here comprises of three parts. First segment is the Arduino Microcontroller part where PH and TDS sensor sent in water are associated with microcontroller which gives the PH and total dissolved solvents output, based on Water Quality. The information received by Arduino is then sent to Edge level processor called the Raspberry Pi3 utilizing serial correspondence, which is second part. In Pi3, K-Means Clustering Machine, learning calculation has been utilized for anticipating the Water Quality dependent on PH and TDS. The last segment is recording the water parameter and to forecast it with date and time in the cloud server for water authorities to access from their phones to have information of water being utilized by occupants.

IOT Based System for Water Quality Monitoring

The paper intends to present the blueprint and built of a low-cost system for real time recording of water quality in an IoT environment. The system consists of several sensors which are used for computing physical and chemical parameters of water. This system comprises of sensors like pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity; these are associated with the Arduino microcontroller. The data will be transferred persistently from the WSN through microcontroller and Wi-Fi. We can control and transfer this information to cloud and clients can get to this information through Blynk app.

IOT Based Water Quality Monitoring System

The system consists of some sensors which measure the calibre of water parameters such as pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. The computed values from the sensors are handled by microcontroller and these values are transmitted remotely to the core controller that is raspberry pi using Zigbee protocol. [10] The proposed framework here presents wireless sensor networking utilizing sensors to measure water quality; microcontroller and Zigbee module which make sensor network simple, of low finance and more productive. Moreover, to screen information from everywhere throughout the world, IOT environment is given utilizing raspberry pi for creating gateway and cloud computing technology to monitor data on the internet. [10]


The effective, low cost and constant water grade discerning structure has been studied. Through this framework, the authorities can monitor the degrees of contaminations happening in the water bodies and send quick alerts to the general population. This can help in averting illnesses caused because of contaminated water and presence of metals. Brisk moves can be made to check extraordinary degrees of contamination like on account of the Ganga and Yamuna streams. The framework can be effectively introduced with the base station held near the objective territory.


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