Problem of Littering in the Сape Otways


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The Otway’s has been a home to many animals including koalas, platypuses, whales, snails and birds. These animals live in their natural habitat and most likely everyday will witness littering. Humans are destroying their homes and killing their species by littering and not doing anything about it.

The Otway’s has been home to many species of animals for many years. We are destroying their homes by not throwing our waste in the bin, where it’s supposed to be. We have been littering. These animals are living creatures that are not as smart as us. They live to eat sleep and reproduce. These animals will think that a piece of plastic is food and will try to eat it. This has resolved in many animals dying. The primary consumers are the grass, tree leaves and gum leaves. The gum leaves mostly are eaten by koalas. Abiotic parts of the Otway’s are rocks, soil, water and minerals.

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The ecosystem at the Otway’s can be sustained if more people would throw away their garbage instead of littering. Animals can easily misunderstand a piece of plastic as food and eat it. This would stop the consumers from eating their normal foods. Over the Queen’s Birthday weekend there were many people at the Otway’s for camping trips. These camping trips were hosted by very selfish people that don’t care for the environment and are killing it by destroying the animal’s homes. There have been many times where people have littered around the campgrounds and roads.

Since the Otway’s have been introduced and been open to many tourist, this place is becoming a land filling with waste slowly. Tourist and visitors have been leaving rubbish bags, empty cans and paper waste along sections of Upper Gellibrand and Roadknight Rd. People have also reported see others dumping their garbage at Beech Forest’s Beauchamp falls. The department of environment land, water and planning Otway manager said people that are caught littering will be fined up to 295 Australian Dollars. The rangers around the area are encouraging dispose of their waste properly by putting it in a bin. If people start listening to them then the animals around the area would live free from plastic or any material that could get them hurt.

A few years ago, 6 large pigs were found dead on the side of MacDonalds in South of Colac and was reported to Colac Shire Council. Each of the pigs were about 80 kilos each and if the people that did this were to get caught that would be an 8000 dollar fine. People are not caring for the environment around them. These pigs could’ve been a hazard not only to animals but also us humans. People in our modern society are dumping garbage and waste wherever and whenever they want to. The Otway’s is a place where people can enjoy activities, camping and much more. But tourist and visitors cannot enjoy these things if the Otway’s is covered in garbage. The animals live here and we must respect that.

In conclusion if we were more aware of our surroundings and actually cared for it once the Otway’s would not have been filled with plastic bags, cans and garbage. The animals that live there are minding their own business and we are destroying their homes. The animals here are eating our garbage, many have died from eating things that are not meant to be eaten. How would you feel if some random people start throwing their garbage in your home. You wouldn’t feel as happy.

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