Live and Enjoy the Rural Life While in the City


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In the past, I often thought to live in a small city that lives in urban areas. For me, there is no doubt that the benefits of rural life in rural areas are much greater than the benefits of living in the city.

This does not mean that urban life is stupid: living in an inaccessible rural town has many advantages. The difference – priorities – what are the characteristics of life that interest you? The answer is not the same for everyone.

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The situation of the rural life

Great magic of the city? Without Sense. Test the costs of a big city. If you want to live like a king (or at least on your own), go to the country.

Cheap. You should try to spend more than $ 20 on meals, it’s very good. However, the movie deserves a number. No one has an idea and it does not matter what kind of clothes you wear, whether your shoes, purse or belt is this or another season. Did you tell me about the house? You can live in a real house with many bedrooms, many bathrooms, and a garage. Maybe even a group. You can have $ 200,000. Yes, you’re right I have not left an order.

You have children for you, for your dog, between you and your restless neighbors. The New York subway ad, “He’s like a kid in a house in New York, sewing a camel in an oak.” In the city, you live in one another. Your children and your dog can know which herb is just hard. There is something called the farm in the country. They run, kick soccer and chase fireflies. You can build a snowman on fresh ice that cannot shake hundreds of people and turn to a rider. You can choose characters because you see them every night. You are influenced by more interesting animals like proteins and your dog behaves like a dog, does not have to carry his bags.

There are no billionaires. Obviously, some millionaires. In other words, there is less income inequality. As the cost of living is much lower, even those who live with an average family income (around $ 50,000) can enjoy a good life. You do not feel poverty, as in the big cities, even those who win six characters think they “pass by”. In the state, it does not always recognize their socioeconomic status. You are worried about the weather.

Do not trust public transport. You do not have to smother a scented car, smell it or smash it next to a person who blows up. You will not arrive too late because there is a delay and some robot sounds should tell you this dynamic repeatedly. When you want, you can take you wherever you want. So, if you have traffic (not too far outside the cities), you can usually find another route. You are under control and ample parking (free).

Do not doubt if people like you love each other. People say “hello” and “like you” and generally understand it. You go to the supermarket and at least you have a good chance to see someone you know. The day you are interested, your doctor will call you. People do not change constantly, depending on your work, your social situation or your income. Volunteering is not what you do for your CV. You feel like part of a real society, not like millions of people.

The situation of the city life

Landscape? You should be better if you retire or you die. If you want to do crazy things, like watching social life and going to the movies on Monday night, the city will follow you.

Go. This is the case. Do not forget to spend a quarter of your salary in the car. Forget the weekly delivery of gallons of gas to destroy the earth. And if you live in Los Angeles, forget about spending two hours a day in traffic. Living in the city means that hiking is always an option. Otherwise, the unit is in public transport of which they are part of the world: You and the others feel the same boat, so take the time to stop to read or listen to music before starting work or returning home. You are lucky enough to be able to ride your bicycle from London to Paris, from Amsterdam to Vancouver, probably anywhere. On this occasion, you will be better and happier.

You will not be a stranger. As Daria has told you, she is a stranger. If you are a Goth, go to Camden City in London and you will love it. Do you like to play on all women’s soccer teams? You will find the club. Do you like to look for mushrooms? Start your own group. In Sydney, where I live, they are at home in my park only runners, skaters, lovers of Tai Chi and Acrobat. There is something for everyone.

The universe at your door (almost). I do not know how he is doing it, but it would be embarrassing to die if you go to the hospital or come to the world at the edge of the road. Probably not in the city. You can order something from online stores and it’s a miracle! – Take it the next day. Museums, galleries, and libraries are easily accessible, and most are free. And the food: he said enough. The local branch of the subway behind the abandoned shopping center like choosing between dark burgers or black single Bara, fish and chips served?

Teach tolerance the world is a different place, and you will find it quickly in the city. New Yorkers have no reason to be considered fat people on earth because nobody has time to think and see everything. Is there someone rude in the subway? Ahead. Does someone keep you in the supermarket? Go and get up. But cities teach us all patience and empathy for all of us. Establish yourself in the life of the city. Are the neighbors complaining about Saturday night? You must agree with the way you do not move, think or talk. The boys who bother you listening to rap on the car? You share your domain. And you, you. This small model is flawed and fragile and works despite its many flaws. Almost like magic.

Nature is not like living in glamorous girls. If you think the country is like living in a group of two young girls in Gilmore, you’re wrong. You cannot live in “Good Life”, “Helen None” and Scott Gemini. The real living earth expresses the reverse work, including the actions that were not before dawn. Here in Sydney, in the middle of the night, I’ll put it in the corner of the store to get the eggs if you wish. If there was no real return to the land of a 120-acre country in the middle of nowhere, they must live in a society in which everything is controlled. It will be difficult to protect privacy. People in the city say, “how to do everything for you”, when they come to buy a loaf of bread there is something like how to heat the air or sing Bryan Adams short skirt dress domestic snakes, does not want to go. If you are not a monk, you are individual or aerobic, urban life suits you.

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