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It is a very common practice among women in the cities to use cosmetics and anti-ageing lotions to maintain a youthful look. They are greatly influenced by the media. Occasionally, I hear people commenting about a spiritual guru who looks young despite not using makeup. Why do some people look older than they are, and others never seem to grow old? Not long ago, I saw a mother and daughter taking an evening walk. They looked like siblings. If you are wondering what is their secret, then this book is meant for you. Tristan Fahey has written Living Well & Ageing Gracefully to answer your questions from a holistic perspective.

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She describes Audrey Hepburn (a British actress and ambassador of UNICEF) as an epitome of inner as well as outer beauty. I had never heard about this philanthropist, but I feel happy to know about her life and works through this book. Tristan quotes her saying: “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone.” Tristan’s inspirational quotes on authentic beauty are my favorite aspect of her manual. I could reflect on each of them for several days. The author is the founder of Rubifresh, which conducts wellness workshops and retreats to help participants develop a unique plan for healthy and meaningful living. I guess the contents of this book are connected to these programs.

The writer tries to clear the myths regarding skin care and discusses the differences between moisturizing and hydrating. Additionally, she discusses the benefits of antioxidants as well as probiotics and delves into the effects of bodily exercise and meditation. The only thing I didn’t like is her use of the analogy of a decaying apple to explain the ageing process. I don’t think ageing must be so bad.

The author’s philosophy is interesting. She not only focuses on helping you to love the skin you’re in but also explains the importance of feeling well. Since your body, mind, and spirit are interrelated, they have an impact on your skin. Other factors listed are stress, a supportive community, a healthful environment, learning, job satisfaction, and financial management. Tristan exposes the facts about chemicals in anti-ageing preparations and their side effects to suggest natural alternatives. However, I think the so-called natural products tend to be adulterated and may not be regulated in every country.

After thoughtful and critical analysis of the contents of this manual, I award it a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. Living Well & Ageing Gracefully seems to be professionally edited, and it has an attractive design with illustrations of women. Nevertheless, it may appeal not only to women but also to men. Holistic health practitioners and individuals in all age groups wishing to lead a healthy lifestyle and age gracefully will like it.

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