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The poem, ‘On Death, Without Exaggeration,’ proposes that death is an unavoidable piece of life and one must acknowledge death so as to welcome the essentialness of living.

In the primary line of the poem, Szymborska is debasing death by pointing out that Death has no comical inclination. By opening the poem with this line, Szymborska exemplifies death however promptly isolates it from the remainder of humankind. Utilizing humor as the principal characteristic to isolate mankind from Death is a fascinating decision. Szymborska may have utilized this identity quality first in light of the fact that the capacity to have a comical inclination in one of a kind to people. This reality promptly separates Death from the remainder of humankind. In this unique situation, Szymborska’s point is to make Death less incredible and alarming. In simply this first line, Szymborska breathes life into death by utilizing the idea of humor, yet at the same time isolates it from humankind and removes its capacity.

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Szymborska keeps posting activities that are simple for individuals to do yet that Death is unequipped for doing. Szymborska composes that death can’t ‘discover a star, make a bridge. It thinks nothing about weaving, mining, cultivating,/building boats, or preparing cakes’. In this area, Szymborska is enabling mankind. The things recorded here may appear to be inconsequential however when you include everything together, a greater picture is framed. The thought Szymborska is communicating is that each activity one makes throughout everyday life, even the inconsequential and immaterial ones, structure together to make something that is more dominant than death. The impact of this examination additionally influences Death to appear to be less incredible in light of the fact that it can’t accomplish something as unimportant as heating a cake. Here once more, the creator is putting people above death; death can clear out entire social orders medium-term, however, it can’t prepare a cake.

There is additionally more profound importance underneath these words. Returning to the possibility that it is the easily overlooked details that indicate make life, Szymborska is proceeding with the picture of death looking in on humanity all things considered. Like in the principal line, where Death is first isolated from mankind, the succeeding three lines fortify the possibility that Death an unwelcome visitor and has the right to be in disengagement. The main stanza sets the phase for Szymborska to influence Death to appear to be little and frail by embodying the idea and after that isolating it from mankind.

Furthering on the vein that death is never transcendent; the writer appears in ‘On Death without Exaggeration’ that new life pursues what death has deserted. The universe of nature and man prevails upon death ordinarily. Death’s inadequacies in simple issues like burrowing a grave, making a casket and clean itself Omnipotence involves the capacity to do all things and to do them impeccably. The self-propagation of life repudiates death’s supremacy and death is too blemished to even think about being called one:

Not disregarding the job it plays in human lives, the writer genuinely admits to the certainty of death. The facts confirm that death waits at the back of one’s brain: But it is likewise evident that fixation on death and its impact is ‘dependably unimportant’ on the grounds that life beats death. Death is unfit to delete what has been finished. Szymborska’s refutation of the fixation death is additionally unequivocal in the lyric where the writer demonstrates the reader that issues of life still assume control over the troublesome misery of death. In the poem, the grieving about the dead is all of a sudden overlooked and subjects of life and the living take the middle stage. In opposition to the sentiment that ‘the death of a companion can be ‘the most profound injury throughout everyday life’, the artist clarifies that sorrow felt for the loss of somebody is fleeting.

As apparent, after somebody’s death, discussions have to do with the dead man, yet life in no time dominates and the lines have increasingly more to do with the survivors’ un-emotional, practically commonplace, consistently stresses. So I offer the conversation starters: Why stress over death? Why get fixated on death? Why not live without limit?

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