Lizzie Velasquez: Growing Up Hispanic and Overcoming Challenges

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“Growing up Hispanic has made me the person I am today, without a doubt. The biggest thing I’ve learned from my culture is the support of the ones that you love,” she said. Everybody has presumably experienced inconsiderateness or tormenting sooner or later in their lives, however relatively few individuals have had it as terrible as Lizzie Velásquez. Lizzie was brought into the world with an incredibly uncommon condition which, among with different side effects, keeps her from collecting anyone fat. She's been liable to tormenting as long as she can remember.

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At the point when Lizzie was 17, she went over a YouTube video of herself, calling her 'the world's ugliest lady.' The video had 4 million perspectives and various remorseless, terrible, mortifying remarks. She read through each and every one of these. Nobody guarded her. Not a solitary individual defended her.

What number of individuals would have surrendered? In any case, not Lizzie. She battled back, transforming despise into strengthening. She chose to demonstrate the world what genuine excellence truly is. Lizzie would not permit cowardly individuals, who don't have any acquaintance with her, characterize her. 'I'm going to give my objectives and my prosperity and my achievements a chance to be the things that characterize me, not my external appearance,' Velásquez said in her TEDx talk.

Today, at 26, Lizzie is a powerful orator. Her motivational discourse at TEDx has 9.6 million perspectives. Her open appearances get overwhelming applause. Her very own YouTube channel has about a large portion of a million endorsers. She is a writer of 3 distributed books and a star of ongoing narrative, 'A Brave Heart.'

'On the off chance that I ever observe that individual [who made 'the world's ugliest lady' video] I would bounce on them and give them the greatest embrace on the planet and let them know, 'Thank you for bringing the best thing that has ever happened in my life,' ' she says. 'That video made a huge difference and it has given me the stage that I have now to be the voice for any individual who's at any point been harassed – and not simply myself.'

On her mission to help other people, Lizzie is leading the exertion behind the Safe Schools Improvement Act, a government charge that would order schools disallow tormenting and different types of badgering in their implicit rules, just as incorporate these occurrences in yearly school wellbeing reports when they do happen. To respect National Bullying Prevention Month, big names including Chris Hemsworth, Katie Couric, Kylie Jenner, Kristen Bell, and Hilary Duff have joined the battle to help bring issues to light about tormenting.

Lizzie accepts that one individual can change the world. Here is something you can do right presently to roll out the improvement occur: make a move by supporting the Act. How about we remain with Lizzie. Lammily is regarded that Lizzie Velásquez had the opportunity to address our inquiries. Much thanks to Lizzie.

In an interview Lizzie answered a few questions pertaining to what she would do and things she believed.“Who’s your hero? My heroes are the everyday people that I meet online and in person. It warms my heart to hear what they have done to do their share in helping make a difference in this world. What’s your favorite book? What’s your favorite movie? My favorite book is called ‘The Last Lecture.’ My favorite movie is ‘Steel Magnolias What do you think is the best way to teach kids to embrace diversity? Teaching children about what diversity is and what it looks like will make embracing diversity a lot easier for them to not only understand but to embrace. How did you define yourself 10 years ago? And how do you define yourself now? 10 years ago I would describe myself as a high school student just desperately trying to fit in. Now I define myself as a young woman who is doing everything in her power to help others. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I enjoy living each day to the fullest. I find it more exciting to wait and see where my path takes me in 10 years. Do you think bullying is something that should not be tolerated at all or do you think it can create adversity which can empower people? I think bullying is something that needs to be understood on all levels. There are so many layers that happen when it comes to the bully and/or victim of bullying. Talking about what bullying looks like and how to handle it might be something that empowers a child because they will be able to look at the bigger picture. I’ve heard from parents that some of the bullying comes from adults. How can a child respond to that type of bullying? Giving kids a tool box of words to use when they feel like an adult is bullying them is key. Talking over possible scenarios and giving them reassurance that they can let an adult know when they aren’t feeling comfortable.Imagine a young girl comes home from school. She says the boys were making fun of her because she has a big nose. What would you say to her?I would tell her that her differences are what makes her unique. I would remind her that she isn’t the only one feeling insecure about her body. Lastly, I would have her focus on the things she likes about herself and through all of the negativity out the window.In a society which places so much importance on appearance, how did you have the willpower to fight back and say that your accomplishments define you?The only thing I had planned was getting to the point where I felt like I had reached the goals I set for myself. Everything that happened along the way made it a lot clearer for me that the best way I could show those people that they didn’t define me was to create and live my own goals.”

Lizzie Velasquez has motivated many people's lives and views towards bullying and people with disabilities. She has taught people with her words that help lead a way into treating everyone equally. Lizzie has learned to use her disability as a way to help other people. She wants to inspire other people like her that they should embrace that quality that defines them, as unique. She is important because of how sh influences all the people that must be looking after her. Lizzie is a public Figure who makes kids, adults, teens, elders, and people with disabilities believe that they will achieve something. Her worlds influence a positive change in many people's life. With Lizzies words people can also learn to be more loving and accepting towards themselves and others around them.

Lizzie has lead me to believe that I can cause a change too. When I grow up I can achieve the goals I have set for myself. I can also share her words to show people the impact that someone's story and words can bring upon one's opinion. I am sure that in the future I will bring lizzies words to good use. As I dream of one day becoming a reporter I too want to share the idea of positivity and acceptance towards everyone. People Disabled, Old, Young, Weird, Different, are to be treated with the same respect, the diversity of people all over the world share is what differentiates us. As Lizzie is trying to teach us no matter what or who you are you should admire and respect other people's unique traits. 

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