Comparison of Logical and Emotional Decision Making Processes


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We all know the term ‘logic’ and its meaning. ‘Logic’ on Google Search means- the quality of being justifiable by reason, or the course of action suggested by or following as a necessary consequence of. But, will you all agree on its definition? Well, I disagree with it. To me, ‘Logic’ of a human is the daily development and application of his mind in different domains to solve or overcome the challenge(s) faced during diverse situations.

We all face ethical challenges every day. Sometimes we miss our bus! Or sometimes, we forget to bring an important office file! Or think about which shoe to wear first! But we always try to solve them with the help of our logic and the advanced science. When we miss our bus, we travel by a taxi or in a friend’s car (if sighted)! When we forget to bring an important file, we ask our family member or friends to email its soft copy and print it out at the workplace. All these judgments are possible due to the logic we have gained till now. If the same scenario had happened to a 5-year-old child, he would get scared due to the lack of logic and start crying instead.

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We overcome countless challenges every day. But we don’t do so with the help of logic only. If we solved problems with logic only, then we would have ceased to be benevolent and became androids instead. If we try to use logic now and then, it would tire out our minds- just like receiving Facebook messages every five seconds and replying them the next second.

Logic itself tends to attract humans toward immoral values like greed, selfishness, hatred and jealousy as well. We often confront such feeble situations. For instance, my friend can be selected as the future captain of our team due to his performance in the recent games. This scoop makes us jealous. And logic takes advantage of our weakness. As a result, we try to play to impress our couch instead of improving ourselves. Thus, our playing form degrades and we get benched as a substitute.

Logic also tends to decrease our power of Imagination. Imaginative power of a person is a mighty weapon in today`s world. If we need to progress in any field (be it science or commerce), we need our imaginative power to create a whole new realm within our mind. Leonardo da Vinci used his imaginative power to create his magnum opus “Mona Lisa”! But today, logic prevents us to proceed further into the imagination realm by forewarning us about its hypothetical nature. Most of us get scared and don’t intrude the realm.

Thus, logic alone can cause severe damage to humans just like “a knife all blade” which bleeds the hand using it. But Dale Carnegie quoted, “When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.” Humans are social beings with the conscious mind of logic and the unconscious mind of emotion. Emotion creates ‘motion’ with action and logic is the pillar which supports emotion with its reasoning.

From various statistics, it is evident that 90% of decisions are made based on emotions. Logic is used to justify the decisions which we make. For instance, a man went to the nearest car dealer with the intent of buying a sparkling new Datsun GO Plus. He saw the advertisement of the car just the other day and got fond of it. After entering the showroom, he notices a brand new teal Datsun GO Plus on the left side of the room. He moves straight towards it with an upbeat face. But his eye abruptly catches a glimpse of a red Renault KWID. “It’s so beautiful!” He rushes towards it. His eyes sparkle with excitement. His heart skips a beat. He is informed that the price of Renault car is higher. “Who cares about trivial matters like prices or trade-in-value?” And the red Renault KWID belongs to him from the next minute.

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