Logos: Combination of the Shape, Space and Color


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 Walking down the street you see a sign, red with yellow arches. Immediately you get hungry because you recognize those yellow golden arches as the logo of McDonalds. Why are logos such an integral part of making a business or product? Well logos are a way to market a symbol. When you look at a logo you’re looking at an idea. These ideas are represented entirely by shapes and colors.

The first thing we think of when looking at logos is the shape. When you look at McDonalds’ logo you first see the iconic arches. Those arches redirect you to the bottom of the sign with the name of the restaurant, “McDonalds” in white letters surrounded by a block of red. The repetition of this shape is so constant that you immediately associate those shapes and colors with McDonalds’. Another iconic logo is that of Amazon. Amazon is a simple logo, the name of the company in black with an orange arrow underneath it, but it’s the use of that arrow that really makes the logo good. While alone the logo might be boring and pointless, in conjunction with the letters of amazon you can see that the arrow starts at the first “a” of Amazon and ends at the “z” of the same name. It’s clever because that implies that Amazon has stock in everything from A to Z. That same arrow can also double as a subtle smile that suggests that customers are satisfied with the service provided by amazon.

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Another important part of making a logo is the color theory that is applied to it. One common theme in restaurant logos is the use of red. Red has become synonymous with the idea of fast food and restaurants. Many fast food enterprises use red, for example look at Wendy’s , McDonalds’, Denny’s, Chili’s, Pizza Hut, and many more. The use of color theory is also important when picking colors for your logo because color theory emphasizes ideas and themes. For example mints and candies like to go for cool colors because they want to go for an aura of coolness and chill. Spicy candies and foods use logos that are warm because they are associated with heat and fire. Companies involving nature and the environment choose colors like green and blue to emphasize their interest in the environment.

Colors and shapes can work together to represent the ideas and themes of a company. This interaction and communication paves the way for iconic logos to be birthed into the pop culture. This then allows companies to be recognizable and truly known for what they represent. Logos are a combination of the clever use of shape, space, and color. All of these elements combine to leave an imprint that allows you to remember a company.  

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