Loneliness in Steinbeck's of Mice and Men

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Despite being surrounded by others, Candy, Curley’s wife, and Crooks’ actions, lack of trust, and belief in society’s prejudices keep them in a state of loneliness. Loneliness can hurt the human brain. Loneliness may not seem like a mental health problem but in some sense can be. Stress from feeling out of touch and alone can result in things such as depression, anxiety, and even things like high blood pressure which can lead to negative impacts on the human body.

To begin, there is a great deal of loneliness to be dealt with from Candy. Candy had to decide on whether to let Carlson kill his very own best friend, an old and stinky dog. With much hesitation, Candy let Carlson shoot his best friend. Candy tries to escape the loneliness by becoming a part of George and Lennie’s dream to have their farm any animals, including rabbits. Candy states, “I’d make a will an’ leave my share to you guys in case I kick off, ‘cause I ain't got no relatives nor nothin..’” (pg 59 paragraph 9.) In the previous sentence, it is almost heard the loneliness in Candy’s voice when he states, “cause I ain’t got no relatives nor nothing.” This shows that after his dog has passed away, Candy really doesn’t have anyone or anything left and is truly a very lonely old man. Another that also shows Candy's loneliness is that he doesn’t have a hand. Seeing that Candy doesn’t have a hand, causes him to feel left out because he can’t do work like the other workers. One final thing that proves Candy is lonely is that he’s old. After Candy’s sweet dog passed away, he began to think, that he and his dog are in a very similar situation and that once you’re old, you wonder if you still have a purpose in life. Candy states, ‘You saw what they did to my dog tonight? They say he wasn’t any good to himself nor nobody else. When they can me here I wish somebody'd shoot me. But they won't do anything like that. I won't have any place to go, an' Ican't get anyo more jobs.' (60.)

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Next, there is more loneliness seen in Curley’s wife. Curley’s wife represents loneliness because she is the only woman on the ranch surrounded by a bunch of men. What also makes it quite obvious that she is lonely is that she flirts with other men on the ranch, including Lennie. Curley’s wife states, 'I get lonely,' she said. ‘You can talk to people, but I can’t talk to anybody but Curley. Else he gets mad. How'd you like not to talk to anybody?' (85.) This sentence shows her emotions when she states that she is very lonely. Lastly, one final way that makes it obvious Curley’s wife is lonely is when she states, '...when I was a kid...Well, a show came through, an' I met one of the actors. He says I could go with that show. But myold' lady wouldn't let me. She says because I was only fifteen...If I'd gone, I wouldn't be livin' like this, you bet.' Loneliness is heard in Curley’s wife’s voice when she says “I wouldn’t be livin’ like this, you bet.” Curley’s wife’s dream was to be an actress. Instead, she ended up marrying Curley and is living a lonely life on the ranch where she can’t talk to anyone without her husband, Curley getting mad. Therefore, it is very obvious Curley’s wife struggles with loneliness.

Therefore, this leaves us with the final character that shows loneliness, Crooks. Likewise Candy and Curley’s wife, Crooks also struggles with the thought of loneliness.  

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