Long Range Ins and Outs: Cv-22's Special Assignments and Importance


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The CV-22 is an air craft that is used not only by the Air Force but by other branches of the Military. The air craft just like any other serves a purpose in the Air Force. The CV-22 has a certain mission and has carried its mission many times. It has been with the Air Force for quite some time. It is operated by a talented crew.

This air craft can do many things for the Air Force. The CV-22 has done many things and has a certain mission in the Air Force. The mission of this Air Craft is to conduct long-range infiltration and exfiltration. It’s also used to resupply missions for special operations services. It flew many missions with the Air Force. Some missions were for humanitarian aid and dropping supplies. In 2013 it was used to evacuate American civilians. Last year the air craft was used to transport Delta Commandos to rescues hostages held by Islamic State militants. As of recent, the Air Force is trying to configure the CV-22 to perform in search and rescue missions.

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For many years now, the CV-22 has been working with the Air Force. It has been fifteen years since the CV-22 has first been with the Air Force. It was first delivered to Edwards Air Force Base in California on September 2000. Next it was sent to Kirtland Air Force Base on March 20th 2006. Then in January 2007 it was sent to Hurlburt Field in Florida. Finally in 2009 it achieved operational capability. The CV-22 was constructed by a handful of companies. These companies are Boeing Company, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Space and Defense Group, and Helicopter Division.

The CV-22 needs a crew, just like any other air craft. The Cv-22 needs four people to operate it, but it can do something that not many other air craft can do. Crew members are made up of four people. One pilot, copilot and two flight engineers. The air craft can take off vertically. When it’s in the air the nacelles can rotate into the forward position.

The CV-22 is an air craft that serves many purposes in the Air Force. It has a mission and fulfills it. For fifteen years it has be used with the Air Force. The Cv-22 needs four people to operate it, but it can do something that not many other air craft can do. It’s a great air craft that is bound to see many more years of service in the military. With the right people it is an amazing air craft.

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