Long-Time Effects of Industrialization on Modern Us Society

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Today, we are enjoying all the technologies, and other benefits from Industrialization but during that era life of common people were less than perfect. Before the industrialization families used to make goods or work on the farm together as a unit but because of Industrialization it changed radically. The life and work became detached. Men started to work long hours at the factory to make money. It became very hard to spend family time together because of long hours. Children would have to work at the factory with very poor wages. Many people gave up farming and started to work in factories. Most laborers used to work 10 to 14 hours a day with no vacation. The living condition was the worst of the common people during industrialization. Industrialization marked the most important turning point in Americans life. The average income and population began to show first-time continuous growth. The development of different classes occurred. Unequal distribution of wealth created new divisions along social and economic classes. The Elite socialized and lived apart from the middle class. The middle class cherished work and education and devoted their energies to advance their social standing. Lack of money, education and long working hours effectually prohibited wage workers from advancing up their social and economic conditions and educating their children.

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Industrial Revolution commanded to the development of new large forms of businesses. These new factories involved machinery to produce goods and products. The size of the factories extended and therefore the workforce enlarged. The workers used to line up at the factory to work there and it was easy for the owners to find new workers with low wages. Factory workers often suffered from hazardous working conditions. They used to work for 12 hours a day with no vacation or holidays. The relation between workers and management were detached. The owner could easily replace the trouble and complain about making workers. During the industrialization the working conditions for the factories were terrible. A long line of people was willing to work therefore it was very easy for factory owners to hire new workers for very low wages. Children were paid very low wages, and, the factory owners were willing to hire children because of small accommodation between machinery at the factories. The use of children as labor for very long hours with low wages directed toward the creation of labor unions. The labor unions were a failure because of government’s involvement. The government supported the businesses, not the labor unions. The industrialization has a lot of long-time effects in modern US society. The followings are only a few of them:

  1. More people and jobs.
  2. The invention of new technologies which make daily lives easier.
  3. Improved living standards.
  4. The rise in productivity.
  5. Reforms and political movements important to the modern US society with work and jobs.
  6. Pollution.
  7. Global warming.

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