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Training is major to a nation as a result of the critical part that it plays. Through instruction, a state can advance in a few parts in an economy. For instruction to be fruitful in a state, it is basic to have the assets and offices to furnish students with a chance to learn and major in different professions. A school is an imperative place where student merge together and get the learning from the instructors and different understudies also. There have been a few changes that have been occurring in the establishments of learning. These progressions are intended to guarantee that schools remain a helpful situation for learning. Schools have, for the most part, appeared to be identical throughout the previous 60 years or more. There may be more innovation in the school now however the start is the same – columns of work areas, educator remaining at the front. Be that as it may, what should the school without bounds look like to enhance the learning condition for our youngsters?

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The times of classrooms where an instructor work area sits at the front of the classroom and understudies’ work areas are perfectly adjusted in lines are finished. Learning advancements, and changing academic techniques, are changing the way we instruct as well as the physical situations we educate in. The part physical conditions play in our learning is simply starting to be contemplated and comprehended. Akinsanmi (2011) states that “there is little research on the part the physical condition plays in the learning procedure” however an ever increasing number of trainings scholar and clinicians are starting to offer points of view “from which architects can conceptualize the formation of an ideal learning condition” (The Optimal Learning). One thing that is obvious from the examination of the physical spaces which make up learning conditions is that present school only occasionally encourages 21st century learning.

After watching the video clips I think that the future school will most likely be like what I saw in the video clips but it is just the matter of when it is going to happen. Actually it has already started slowly towards the future because future schools are about access. As times change, all the existing things and matters will change based on the upcoming transformation. First of all, we must educate the next generation not only by learning but also by experiencing and exploring each things that they learn.

First of all we must make sure the pupils are engaged each other more effectively and actively. There are different life styles of pupils such as their homes, future working environment and social experience. So the implications of technology should be considered and make sure it can reflect .Where by the learning environment should be reimaging and the education systems should be break down to more specifically. The transformation of the technology does not only influence the surroundings of economic, social and politics but also education because it’s the root in the industrial age society. The learning process should not be conducted via traditional culture of classroom because nowadays the classrooms are set up with modern technology. The next generation should be educating basis on collective future. The pupils are more exposed to modern social and they will enjoy learning in unrestricting place. They are keener to learn anytime’s and anywhere but there should not be any boundaries. The pupils should be able to communicate and connect without limitations. The transformation of learning process should be the driving force for the students to achieve their success.

As we know the world is changing and growing faster and faster but the school and the students are still in same environment where by the students are sitting and doing what that they been instructed or so called adapt with traditional learning. The traditional learning method is sitting, listening and doing in the limited area been provided. But in the future we can expect the same thing because the world is moving to modern technology era. Basis of 21st century the kids are more exposed to modern technology and they can’t be tied with a rules. The learners should be given freedom to learn. The students should be given space and chances to learn by experiencing and exploring by themselves. Which means the students will design their own experience and learn in their own way rather by forcing to learn without their preference. The learning system must be more to personalize. Based on the second video there are two tools that enable the personalized learning schools. First is portrait means that the teachers will focus more deeply and concern on each child although there are different opinions and thoughts about the child from different people. The teachers should know the needs of their students. The second is playlist which means the students are given chance to decide what they want. By allowing them to do so, they are will be able to decide urgency of matters when they grow up. Do not instruct the students because for them instruction is irritating but the students should be motivated so that they will pay attention and will keen to learn. Each students should experience and think on their own way. As for me by adapting this approaches the learning will be more easier and the students can understand more easily and deeply the teaching core. It will enhance for the kids to show progress on the social and emotional aspects. Which means the students can adapt with others while working, the time management will be more systematically and they can set their own goals.

As we moving towards the modern technology era, a student should be mastery in their field. It is an important issue that we need to consider. The learners should mastery their field. Whereby the learners should not be divided based on their age but they should be gathered in one classroom. The kids must involved in the learning process together (ignore the age) especially for the core subject for them to learn the basic concept. They should engage at least 20 to 30 minutes. Means age can’t be the boundaries for the learners to learn. The kids should master the basic concept before they move to the advance level. In this stage the teacher can identified the progress of the kids by analyzing the data. The kids should also allowed to move between their own pace and they able to analyze their data and to get response from their teacher regarding their progress. When there is a group with different age members the learning process will take place more easily. The member can help each other by exchanging their thoughts, idea and also can gain experience together besides exploring together. By this way the learners will be able to master the field they learn. This tactic can be used for the entire subject include the core subject.

The teachers must play role has a coach or mentor and should not conduct one side lecturing. They should mentor and coach the learners as the human interaction is the best medium to help the kids to learn. Meanwhile peers coaching also need to be adapt cause the impact of peers teaching either same age or different, are higher. The essential of the subject can be understood by the learners more easily if the peer teaching takes place. It not only help the learners to learn more easily but it also can help to produce a good teacher, implant good values among the learners such as giving and getting respect, value others feelings and thoughts and so on. The kids should be able to interact with others. They able to interact, to teach or coach, sharing ideas and can become a good teacher. It shows the empathy values among them. At this point the kid will be respected because he/she has willing to stop their works to help others. A good educator will be good learner.

The world is moving towards the digital technology era. We cant continue our teaching with the same chalk, board and book and also same static place. The teaching method also has to change. The kids should not be burden to carry out their bags full with books. Instead the burden should be packed in a virtual…… Each kid has their own capabilities. Besides relying on text book and activity book, the learning materials should be prepared through online. So the kids able to review and go through the content more easily and quickly either group of the students is small or big. Besides that content can be repeatedly re-use or reviewed. The contents also can be transferred more easily and fast. The students learning time are not restricted and they able to access anytime. The learning system will be more personalized and less group either big or small. Fitting training towards the individual youngster’s needs. Meanwhile the teachers must constantly monitor the kids progress and their feedback through the systems. Not only the kids progress but the kids behaviors also have to be monitor sequences so that they wont run from the human interaction session. The parents also should acknowledge with the systems so they are able to get know their kids progress. By this way, the kid’s skills also can be easily shaped. In the future they are well prepared to face the modern technology world.

The learning environments also play a great role for makes sure the learning process is taking place. School structures are vital resources for networks. Basically, classrooms incorporate some adaptation of a gathering territory, different seating choices and a flex zone that can be adjusted for novel learning exercises. This design takes into consideration an assortment of collection organizations and exercise writes that consider understudies’ broadly fluctuating learning styles. Future school classroom should be driven by understudy’s interests, and the open, adaptable spaces enable understudies to meet up to share, team up and make. I hope in the future schools portable furniture will be replaced. It helps to maximize the utility of the space. The kids won’t be sitting for 6 to 7 hours, while they are allowed to utilize the space by doing other activities such as allowing them to rock, bounce and rotate while they are sitting provides for enhanced circulation and concentration throughout the day. These classrooms additionally increment usefulness for understudies by bringing down whiteboards and making materials effortlessly open.

Enhancing the physical school condition prompts a stamped change in understudies’ performance. New school situations with coordinated ICT can enhance the understudies’ rate of movement through the grades for the kids. Pupil execution, accomplishment and conduct is preferred in well designed schools over in inadequately planned schools. Students with the most common day lighting in their classrooms advance snappier on school tests in a single year than those with the slightest regular light. The ecosystem of the school should be build in the way to show the positive values and surroundings along with social interaction. The classrooms ought not be confined or stuffed. Present day classrooms ought to have the fundamental material required for instructing, for example, intelligent whiteboards and LCD projectors. The BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) approach can be received, with the goal that understudies can convey their PCs or tablets to the classroom for better customized learning. Educating with innovative material is more compelling, invigorates understudy commitment, facilitates crafted by instructors and makes it simple for understudies to center around learning.

A student should be encouraged to successfully appreciate their own learning, they end up accountable for their learning. Self-facilitated students will bolster each other, and also work with their instructor to achieve academic and social goals that they themselves have set up. Teachers should know to use a grouping of methodology to progress tried and true fundamental initiative and make certain students. Steady execution based assessments are brought out by teachers through various methodologies which are not kept to tests. These can be by get-together data. Teachers can utilize broadens and what’s more unique things and presentations as examinations to choose understudy achievements and necessities. Evaluations are redone to the limits and prerequisites of the understudies.

At last I think learning through coordinated effort is a standout amongst the best types of learning. Instructing and learning in disengagement are extremely prohibitive and prevent advance. Learning in bunches upgrades the extent of learning and creates basic reasoning. Community oriented learning exercises incorporate cooperative written work, bunch ventures, joint critical thinking, civil arguments and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Cooperative learning reclassifies customary understudy educator relationship in the classroom. Innovation assumes a major part in building up these qualities for present day classrooms. These classrooms upgrade the learning background and better get ready understudies for advanced education and workforce.

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