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  • Food Hunger and Food Waste
  • World Hunger
  • Food Waste

Food Hunger and Food Waste

Most people believe starvation exists in poverty infested neighborhoods because those individuals don't realize hard times can strike at any moment for anyone no matter what their economic status is. However that’s usually the lesser problem. Without a doubt, the problem is not being able to get food to the individuals who need it. Each day people wake up, take a shower, drink a cup of tea or coffee, have their breakfast and do different ordinary things they consider normal without knowledge that maybe a block or two away from their homes, people are deprived of everyday cravings. People go through hunger and thirst everyday, while some have never had to go through those types of struggles ever. Meals going to waste is something that affects us all. It takes place everywhere food has a presence; consuming locations, the supermarket, in our houses, at faculties, on farms, in production or maybe in transportation. Food waste and hunger affects humans everywhere; those residing oceans away and those that share our borders, friends and family alike.

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World Hunger

The everyday deprivation of nourishment has dramatic effects for the body, in particular for the adolescent's body. According to Rebecca Shoaf Kozak et al, the authors of Global Poverty and Hunger: An Assessment of Millennium Development Goal #1, states, “Hunger tends to affect some groups disproportionately. Women, persons with disabilities, older persons, and youth and children are especially susceptible to hunger” (473). This shows that the world is dying and in need of help we can provide to them. Minorities that fail in hunger are the ones that society should take in and help. The malnutrition consequences include hair and enamel loss, fatigue, belly disenchanted, indigestion and exceptional lousy illnesses. The most important individuals who crave is the women, there are plenty of miscarriages and deliveries of lifeless infants due to hunger problems throughout pregnancy. Furthermore, there are incidents where people simply give up after an extended period of hunger and die. Hunger is a problem, which many people that consider hunger insignificant to them because it does not affect them. According to Rüdiger Bittner, author of Morality and World Hunger, states, “The real issue is the first premise: that morality speaks to people only on how to deal with those with whom they are close” (29). This illustrates that people are in fact willing to help, but only when it hits home for them instead of recognizing those outside there personal life. The world today needs everyone to reach out of their little bubbles of security and lend a helping hand to anyone, whether that be a stranger or a friend.

The food industry and our society no longer distributes meals on the basis of nutritional needs for everyone, that is one of the more devastating and complicated realities of the starvation epidemic. According to Rüdiger Bittner, author of Morality and World Hunger, states, “No doubt people economically affect each other from one corner of the world to the other, yet they are not, therefore, all living together. They are living together in much smaller groups, in families, professions, firms” (29). This shows that the same family that eats three healthy meals a day and throwing out half of their food, are the same people that live next to people who lost their homes and security that eat nothing for days. In society today it is all about fending for yourself and only helping when one sees fit, and that mindset itself has to indeed change before things can get better. International hunger and poverty may be visible in different outlets all over the world. When someone lacks meals, that is referred to as material poverty. This type of poverty can damage humans in massive ways, it may harm people's self-worth and it can moreover hurt their outlook on existence. It is sad when people are forced to look at their family in a lacking state of hunger and poverty, as opposed to seeing them happy and safe because they have a roof over their head and food in their belly’s, no one deserves to be in a situation like that with no support or help for a way out. This hurts families and leaves them hopeless and in a depressive state.

Food Waste

Even though the United States produces more than a good amount of food for its citizens. However wastage levels is at its all time high. That is because of careless mindsets of our peers and our nation's society's love for extra meals. At the same time as we talk about consumption of food, negligence by using society moreover needs to be tackled. At social events like barbecues, it's not unusual for guests to pile up a mountain of food on their plates and consume only part of it as if that is the final time they may be having a meal for a long time. On a large scale, the manner of acting without thinking needs to be modified. According to Purabi R. Ghosh et al, the authors of An Overview of Food Loss and Waste: Why Does It Matter?, states, “If food is wasted, the entire efforts and resources invested to produce food are wasted; this means soil is eroded, water sources depleted, and air possibly polluted for food that is never consumed” (90). This illustrates that not only is food going to waste but so is all of the work that companies pay hundreds of dollars to produce these items go to waste as well. When looking into these types of case individuals must ask themselves when the waste will stop. There is no other way to describe the carelessness that food waste is other than unethical and socially irresponsible to blatantly waste meals at the same time as thousands of people across the nation sleep on an empty stomach.

It’s clear that meals going to waste is because of individuals in economically stable situations not valuing meals, horrific distribution techniques of food, further to waste at some point of cultivation and harvest. It has a large effect on the environment, economic machine, and society. Any kinds of quantities of meals being thrown away is unacceptable and needs to be tamed. Funds are wasted, while meals are wasted, which has monetary impacts in the nation. It even offers the nation a horrific impact once they have excessive quantity of meals wastage. Furthermore, it's important to take the vital steps to prevent food waste. According to Ana Carvalho, author of Winning Food Waste Reduction Strategy, states, “The Lean Path study concluded that the hotel could significantly decrease its food waste by utilizing better knife skills, storage policies and menu planning” (23). This illustrates that there indeed are ways to decrease or stop food waste all together, it takes a certain amount of time and planning. Once those numbers do decrease then an organization can see how to maintain and keep those plans in place. Campaigns can be prepared to help enhance focus, meals can be recycled so that it can be transformed instead of going to waste or even setting up felony guidelines which include banning supermarkets from tossing their unsold products.

Hunger is on the upward push; but, almost all products produced are misplaced or are going to waste. Every individual in the U.S. has a role to play in the reduction of food loss and waste, now not handiest for the sake of the food however for the assets that pass into it. It is crucial to focus on consumers and changing their character behaviors, attitudes, consumption and purchasing habits associated with meals. That is done through schooling, specifically focusing on imparting facts on safe food handling, right meal storage in households so that people can save and decrease food waste.

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