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Looking into Hewlett Packard Laptops

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A laptop is considered as one of the most important inventions of mankind. This portable machine is basically your PC on wheels. Laptops nowadays are so important that from school children to retired individuals, all use them for some or the other purpose. One of the most popular and best business laptops that exist today are part of the set of Hewlett Packard Laptops. These laptops are comparatively cheaper and more reliable. This has led to a growth in the corporation sales in the recent years. After having chalked down the budget, people get confused between the specification lists and tend to ask many questions. Some of them are answered below and will help you in choosing your ideal laptop:

Is there a need for a laptop?

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As mentioned in the introduction, there is a need for a good laptop to complete your daily tasks.

Your business dealings will all be recorded in your laptop and can be used for future references.

Any time editing and correction can be done on a laptop due to its mobility.

There can be large volumes of data processed in minimum time on your laptop.

Miscellaneous activities like watching videos, chatting with friends online and even playing games can be done on a laptop.

What processor do I need?

The Intel core series is the most popular processor and has various generations depending upon the needs and processing power.

The least powerful is the core i3 processor. This kind of processor is great for everyday computing. One can work on MS Office, watch videos and surf the web using this processor.

The next in rank is the core i5 processor. This is the most popular among all as it is moderately powerful and is cheap as well. This is ideal for multi-tasking, using video and photo editing apps, play games that are not very demanding and much more. The best business laptops have this processor.

The second best processor is the core i7 processor. It is a powerful one and can be used for many tasks. Tasks like compiling large business data, using 3D modeling apps, playing demanding games etc.

The most powerful and rarely seen processor is the core i9. It is not used for business purposes, but is used for high-end creation and simulation. Hewlett Packard Laptops have all the four kinds of processor and that too at a decent price

Is it worth getting an SSD?

Hard disks come in two types, the Hard disk Drive (HDD) and the Solid State Drive (SSD). Most of the high end laptops have an SSD.

Again, this question is relevant depending upon your work. If you have work that requires speed and reliability, then SSD is the right choice.

A SSD helps to boost the programs and applications faster compared to the HDD because of its data storage patterns.

Not only is it faster than an HDD, it is thin, light-weight and makes no sound at all. If you are able to afford it, then you should go for a SSD.

Many high-end Hewlett Packard laptops have a SSD and provide incredible speeds compared to low models having HDD

Is Mac, Windows or Chrome better?

The Mac Operating system is exclusively for Apple laptops like Mac, MacBook Pro etc. It is a fast processing OS and has a good user interface. The Windows Operating System has a lot of versions from 1998 till now. The best and the most common now is the Windows 10. It is found in many brands of laptops and is also featured in Hewlett Packard Laptops.

The Chrome OS is a rare sight and not many people know about it. It is based on the Google Chromes online services and all programs are run and saved online. It is available only on Chromebooks. It doesn’t matter what OS one uses, as one does get used to it and is comfortable now.

How to increase the longevity of my laptop?

Don’t keep your laptop in places where it will fall from. Also, there must not be a possibility of any physical damage nearby. Keep foods and beverages away from the laptop. They can harm the internal circuits. Always keep a secure and trusted anti-virus in your laptop. Keep away from unknown sites. Don’t keep sharp objects near the laptop.


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