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Los Angeles confidently claims to be the city with the most diverse beaches. There are many of them both on the coastline of the metropolis and around it. In LA everyone will find a beach to their liking, the main thing is to know where to look. LA is a city with a highly developed infrastructure and a high level of leisure activities, so the beaches are in really good condition.

In this article, I will talk about best beaches in Los Angeles and around it based on several basic parameters: location, cleanliness, infrastructure, and quality of service. Also, factors such as prestige and local attractions were taken into account. For me, these are important components for determining the best beaches, among many cool places that the California coast is rich in.

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I have good news for those who want to relax on the California coast: the beaches here are free, private simply does not exist. That is, regardless of the prestige of the resort, everyone can come to rest. You only have to pay for parking The beach is located in Santa Monica town, which can be reached from downtown Los Angeles in about an hour. The place is mainly famous for its pier and high-end restaurants. The beaches in Santa Monica are wide, sandy and clean. Besides for the pier, there are many sports fields, bike paths, and a variety of entertainment.

To the south are recreational areas with a large number of green which makes it an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. The famous hotel ‘Blinds on the beach’ is located here as well. It’s a luxurious place with a refined service for those who are tired of lying on the sand and looking for more sophisticated relaxation. To the north of Santa Monica is Will Rogers Beach which stretches for miles along the coast and is open to everybody. However, parking in these places is paid. I was pleased with the number of various places to eat and the availability of amenities.

Interesting fact: the Santa Monica Pier is the endpoint of Route 66. It stretches across almost the entire territory of America. Santa Monica also has a large amusement park with a huge oceanarium and the only ferris wheel in the world that uses the energy of the sun. This 20-mile long city is located on the California coast north of Santa Monica. I consider Malibu to be the most picturesque of my TOP-10 as there are a lot of secluded places surrounded by rocks and cozy bays.

Local natural attractions regularly become the backstage for filming. In particular, one of the largest beaches in the vicinity of Los Angeles, Topanga is considered not only the best place for surfing but also a featured place in TV shows and films. This is where Topanga Canyon meets the Pacific Highway. Parking with amenities (there are showers and bathrooms).

Another popular spot is Zuma Beach located north of Malibu. It is almost 3 miles long, wide, flat from the south and surrounded by rocky cliffs. There is a bay that becomes inaccessible at low tide. Zuma is another Los Angeles beach that is popular with surfers. By the way, this is where they filmed ‘Baywatch’ and indeed security at Zuma is high. Vacationers are monitored by professional rescue teams (more than 10 towers). The infrastructure is also on topas you will find many shops and places to eat.

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