Customer Service Management Recommendations for Sunway Medical Center


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Sunway Group established in 1974, Sunway group is one of Malaysia’s biggest group with core interests in property, development, training, and human services. Sunway group has 15000 excellent operating team in 50 different locations globally. in 2016, Sunway group revenue and profit before tax about RM 4.7 billion and 859 million respectively (Annual Report, 2016). Sunway group provides services to his customers through 12 business division. such as, property, construction, retail, hospitality, leisure, healthcare, education, commercial, trading and manufacturing, construction materials, quarrying and real estate investment trust (RIET) (Sunway, 2018).

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Sunway Medical Center established in November 1999, this is an Australian Council on healthcare standards (ACHS) certified private hospital located in Malaysia first completely integrated green township of Sunway city. Sunway Medical Center offers lots of healthcare services, including 535 beds, 180 consultation rooms, 12 operation theaters and two huge car parking areas.

Sunway Medical Center gives a wide range of healthcare services, which include services and modern treatment technologies for outpatient and inpatient healthcare, wellbeing and health projects and 24-hour emergency facilities. These are combined with a solid supportive network involving 1,400 devoted faculty including medical specialists, proficient associated health staff and additionally prepared and committed nursing staff (Sunway Medical Center, 2018).

Problems Statement

According to the Trip advisor and Facebook reviews of the customers, In Sunway medical center people face lots of problems to get the services. For example, people wait a lot on reception for bill payment, booking bed, admit and discharge process, and for health reports. Same situation in Sunway Medical Center pharmacy, people wait a lot for medicines. Especially, old people and pregnant women suffer more all these types of problems.

Sunway Medical center also has online application, but very limited features and not patient friendly. Lack of information in Sunway medical center online application, there are no features for booking room, online pharmacy, online admit and discharge facilities and bill payment. Customers need to go on reception to get all these services. But most of the time staff are not available on reception, or very huge line of customers (Trip advisor, 2018).

Competitors Analysis

KPJ and Prince Court Healthcare Center one of the top competitors of Sunway Medical Center. KPJ and Prince Court Healthcare Center also provide online services to the patient through online app. KPJ and Prince Court Medical Center online app has same features on their app same as Sunway Medical Center (KPJ HealthCare Berhad, 2018).

Comparison between Prince Court health care center and KPJ health care center services

Prince Court Health Care Center Services Procedure Kpj Health care

Center Servives Procedure:

  1. Location detail Through online app Location detail Through online app
  2. Doctor information Through online app Doctor information Through online app
  3. Bed booking Through Reception Bed booking Through Reception
  4. Admit and discharge process Through Reception Admit and discharge process Through Reception
  5. Medicines Through Pharmacy Medicines Through Pharmacy

Objective Statement

The main objective of Sunway Medical Center online app is to make all service process easy for patients and get customer loyalty and satisfaction. Another objective is to improve financial position of the medical center and contribute 50% in profit for the Sunway Group. And the other goals are to get more customers and become a one of the best medical center of Malaysia.

Idea Generation

Attribute Listing

Attribute listing is a technique particularly oriented toward idea finding. Analyze problems and think what can be discovered as a result (Liu, and Schonwetter, 2004.)

Hospital Services

Features Attribute Idea:

  1. Booking bed Through Reception Through online
  2. Bill Payment Through Reception Through online
  3. Medicines Through Pharmacy Through online
  4. Blood finding Through Blood Bank Through online
  5. Admit/Discharge procedure Through Reception Through online
  6. Health report File documents Through online

A problem and effect diagram. Refer as fishbone diagram, can help in conceptualizing to recognize conceivable reasons for a problem and in arranging ideas into valuable categories. A fishbone diagram is a visual method to look at cause and effect. It is a more organized approach than some different apparatuses accessible for brainstorming causes of an issue (e.g., the Five Whys tool). The issue or impact is shown at the head or mouth of the fish (Coccia, 2018).

  • Pharmacy Workers Ambulance Service
  • Medicine shortage
  • Irresponsible
  • Communication Problem waiting to much at pharmacy shop
  • Punctuality Problem 2. Late arrival
  • Long waiting
  • Difficult Process
  • Lack of information for bill payment of Booking about blood group
  • Lack of information bed or room in blood bank
  • Reception Booking Process Blood Finding Process
  • Fish Bone Diagram

Product Concept Description


The Sunway Medical Center are introducing new features and services in his online application for patients. These features and services can improve Sunway medical center financial position and increase profit margin. This is the best way for Sunway Medical Center to provide their services online with application.


The Sunway Medical Center should add these new features and services in his current online application. So, patient can easily access in this application and use medical center services without any difficulty from all over the world. This application will be available to download from the play store and app stores.


There are new features including, Top Up feature, online bed and room booking service for treatment, online pharmacy, online bill payment, online blood bank, video call option with the doctors, online health report, online admit and discharge service and loyalty points features. Sunway Medical Center will be the first Medical Center in the world, who introducing these features and services through online application.


These feature and services are very easy to use. Once the patient downloaded the app from Play store. So, patient can create his profile on this application with very simple process and easily find the location where Sunway Medical Center are, then check the availability of doctor and make appointment. Patient will book bed and room in Sunway Medical Center through booking room and booking bed option, no need to go on reception and wait a lot for booking. Furthermore, for medicines patient will no need to go on pharmacy just find the medicines through this online application in Sunway Medical Center pharmacy and can easily book required medicines and medical center will provide free medicine delivery service in to the patient room or ward, also free home delivery in Malaysia.

Another feature in this application is Top Up services. Patient can do Top up in this application through credit card online and by cash on reception. So, patient can easily pay hospital and pharmacy bill through this application. Sunway Medical Center also introducing blood bank feature in his application. Online blood bank service will provide all the details of blood availability in Sunway Medical Center.

Services of this application patient can use 247 from all over the world. Patient will anytime book room or bed in Sunway Medical Center through this application from all around the world. Patient will also purchase 24/7 medicines online through this application from Sunway Medical Center pharmacy with free delivery service to anywhere in Malaysia.

Technologies: – Sunway Medical Center is looking to provide more services through online to get more financial benefits and more customers. Sunway Medical Center will start to provide more services through online for patients. In future, these online services of Sunway Medical Center will provide great impact on Sunway medical Center profit graph.

Market Identification


This application of Sunway Medical Center, patient can easily download from Play without any cost. After using hospital services patient can easily pay service charges online through this application.


The main purpose of this application is to make procedure easy for all services in Sunway Medical Center for patients. According to trip advisor and Facebook customers reviews. recently, patient face difficulties to utilize Sunway Medical Center services all procedure are manual. This application will provide medical center service online. So, people can easily utilize medical center services. Another purpose of this application is to target more customers locally and internationally.


This application will be available on Play store. So, patients can easily download this application through Play store and easily use Sunway Medical Center services all around the world.


Sunway Medical Center will promote this application through Facebook, Instagram, You-tube advertisement. Nowadays Social media is cheap and best way to promote any product (Hidayanti, I., Herman,and Farida, 2018).

Idea Evaluation

Force Field Analysis

Force field examination (Lewin 1951) is broadly utilized as a part of progress administration and can be utilized to help see most change forms in associations (Management Technology Policy, 2018).

In force field examination change, is described as a state of imbalance between driving force (e.g. new faculty, evolving markets, innovation) and restraining forces (e.g. people’s fear of failure, hierarchical inertia) (Management Technology Policy, 2018).

Force field Analysis of Sunway Medical Center New Application

According to the force field analyses, this application will create some positive and negative impact on Sunway Medical Center. Total average numbers of positive impact of application is 15 and total average number of negative impact is 9. Some positive impacts of this application are, customers will easily get the hospital services which average number is 6, financial position of the Sunway Medical Center will improve which average number is 5, and Sunway Medical Center will get more customer satisfaction and loyalty which average number is 4. Some negative impacts of this application are, staff will feel fear of this application because after launching this application many services patients will use online. So, after launching this application Sunway Medical Center will reduce the staff quantity and will save employment cost which average number is 4. This application will be the reason of loss of over time of the staff which average number is 3 and will create impact on staff salary which average number is 2.

Swot Analysis of Sunway Medical Center New Application

SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis) is a structure for distinguishing and analyzing the internal and external variables that can affect the suitability of a project, product, place or individual (Pickton, and Wright, 1998).

Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats:

  • Improve efficiency of services.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Target customers globally
  • Staff feel fear
  • Effect on staff performance
  • Industry Standard
  • Quality Services
  • Improve financial condition
  • Advertisement Cost
  • Loss of staff satisfaction


This Sunway Medical Center application will provide help to improve efficiency of services. Patients will easily facilitate with the medical center services. Sunway Medical Center will use this application to get patient satisfaction and loyalty. Another strength of this application is, Sunway Medical Center will target more customers worldwide.


Staff of the Sunway Medical Center will feel fear from this application. Because with the help of this application features, Sunway Medical Center will reduce employment cost and quantity. This application will effect on staff performance, because it will replace lots service from manually to online.


This application will be a great opportunity for Sunway Medical Center to improve his standard in health care industry. Sunway Medical Center new application will provide quality services to patients, also help to increase revenue of medical center.


There will be some threats of this application, cost of the advertisement will be increase and Sunway Medical Center will loss staff loyalty and satisfaction.


In conclusion, Sunway Medical Center existing application is not user friendly and limited features. Sunway Medical Center should need to provide more services through online for getting customers trust and satisfactions. Nowadays people face difficulties to get the services of medical center. This application will help to provide easily services to the customers.

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