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  • Overview
  • Major Cities
  • Tourism Industry in Louisiana
  • Tourists Attractions
  • How to Get There
  • Tranaportation Options
  • Accommodation
  • References


Louisiana is the southeastern state of united states and Baton Rouge is a capital of Louisiana. It is located between Texas and Mississippi. It is popular city of U.S. The city was named under a royal king." Louis" who was from France. It covers 43,562 square miles area with approximately 4,523,628 population. Louisiana features multicultural population that was influenced by French, Spanish and African people during 18th century. People of different cultures are live there that's why various languages are spoken there. Nowadays lt is known for some of its multicultural events like Mardi Gras and Cajun culture. Louisiana's weather is considered humid and rainy usually summers are too long and hot there whereas winters are short and wet. February to October is consider the best time to visit the state.

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Some of the most famous universities of united states are in Louisiana. Louisiana is also famous for food and festivals. Economy of Louisiana is fully depending on fertile soils and waters and it is largest producer of sweet potatoes, rice and sugarcane. Tourism also plays a vast role in the economy of Louisiana.

Major Cities

Louisiana has total 85 cities. The major cities of Louisiana are Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Alexandria, Morgan city. Below we will discuss one by one these major cities and main tourist attractions. Louisiana's cities, town, and villages are classified based on population such as the area where population is less than 1000 are consider as village, and where population is greater than 1000 and less than 5000 consider as town, whereas cities are classified with more than 5000 people. Baton Rouge: - it is second biggest city of Louisiana and it is a capital of Louisiana. This city is located on Mississippi river. Its population is 227,715. Moreover, it was found by French colonists in 1721. There is many tourist's attraction some of these are USS Kidd Veterans Memorial, Old State Capitol, Louisiana State University, Louisiana State Capitol, Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. Along with this, there are various types of restaurants are hotel are available so, it is easy for people who wants to go there for vacations.

Shreveport: - This city was found by Shreve Town Company in 1836. It is third most popular city of Louisiana with approximately 194,920 people. In 20th century oil industry was the main source of economic growth. It was main source of jobs for the people of the city. After the degrowth in oil industry people faced loss in jobs as a result of that the crime rate and violence increased. That time people moved from Shreveport in search of work so that's why city faced population decline.

R. W. Norton Art Gallery, Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport, Sci-Port Louisiana's Science Center, Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, Splash Kingdom Waterpark, Shreveport Water Works Museum are main places of tourism.

New Orleans: - it is located on southeastern part and its most popular of Louisiana, the city is famous for its Creole cuisine, distinct music scene, and its many festivals, such as Mardi Gras. It is well known for French architecture and French culture. It is birthplace of jazz with the contribution African. A major tourist resort, and a medical, industrial, and educational centers are here and make it special. Spring season is best time to visit there. Also, it is famous for food in world. Neighborhood fixings, French, Spanish, Italian, African, Local American, Cajun, Chinese, and a trace of Cuban conventions consolidate to deliver a genuinely interesting and effectively unmistakable New Orleans enhance.

Lake Charles: - it is southwest city of Louisiana. It is well known for gambling, rhythm and blues music and excellent cuisine. The famous festival Louisiana Pirate is two-week long party. Creole Nature Trail & Adventure Point, Grosse Savanna Eco-tours, Mardi Gras Museum, Charpentier Historic District are famous places of lake Charles. Alexandria: - this city is in center of Louisiana and on Red river. It's also called heart of Louisiana. It is a land of Spanish People. In early years they depend on agriculture. Various type of art and culture activates tourist can do. The weather of Louisiana is long, hot, humid summers and short, mild winters. According to recent survey population were recorded 47,334. Alexandria Holocaust Memorial, Alexandria Zoological Park, Alexandria Museum of Art, River Oaks Square Arts.

Tourism Industry in Louisiana

"We have seen a continued with advancement over the span of later significant stretches of motel offices, attractions, and the movement business jobs the entire route over the Louisiana,' says Lt. Gov. By propelling Louisiana as a spot where you can Feed Your Soul, we can attract more visitors, which suggests greater evaluation salary we can make. Generally, 51.3 million visitors were recorded in 2018. The advancement and the development business a year back made $1.9 billion in state and near to commitment compensation. That time the movement business gave opening for work to various people. Tourism industry make different type of plans for tourist, which will beneficial for both government as well as people who visit there. The changed over shed capacities as a stylish restaurant, commercial center, a porch and a bar. Moreover, The Downtown Development District has pushed another site with improved business and available property databases, similarly as a server farm with smart gadgets. There is one website on google "Louisiana feed your soul "that provide all information about Louisiana means what things you can do there, what is in trend, you can easily get information different hotel and restaurants. This website is made by official travel authority of Louisiana.

Tourists Attractions

There are lots of tourist places in Louisiana. The Tourist attraction is a place where people can visit the number of places, can enjoy with their family members as well as friends. They can visit natural views, get information regarding culture and history by visiting museums in Louisiana which is the one the most beautiful province of America.

City Park: - City Park is the most National beautiful park which is located in Louisiana which is the very largest park in this province. Moreover, this park is almost 70% large as compared to other parks and this is the most attractive green area in this town which people used for different purposes. Most of the tourists and citizens go there to enjoy their life because there are facilities there which help all for reducing their stress level. Moreover, it is for taking rest from day to day stress regarding activities also, children can enjoy a lot because it has a playground on one side also there is one stadium which people used for sports. This is the special most beautiful area of land which has numbers of trees, green grass, and the painted walls. Masses can do various kinds of activities in it such they can get happiness by seeing lovely birds, wonderful flowers and so on. If the weather is good, then the citizens who are living in this province then they could have a picnic with their near and dear ones in this park.

Acadiana Mall: - Acadiana mall is the greatest shopping mall in Louisiana where people go for buying various kinds of products. Its exact location is Lafayette, Louisiana and it has up to 120 shops as well as stores in one building. Robert B. Aikens and associates are the owners of it and it was built in 1979. It provides a lot of facilities to tourists like you can enjoy with your family members by doing shopping on weekends because they give a discount to their customers on weekends. They have much to see and you will not face any problem there because it is very easy to find anything. The most important benefit for those masses who love to eat it will be fruitful for them if they will visit this mall because the food court is very great and very nice. Because they have a verity of foods to eat and hygienic food which is useful for all people's health. You can taste another country's food also buy different brand's clothes, purses, shoes, and so many things at affordable prices. In this mall, most of them enjoy some events in the month of November; the shoe event and Friday event.

Avery Island: - Avery Island is a well-known island off the Louisiana and birthplace of the Tabasco sauce. It is situated in Liberia parish in Louisiana and it has a small population. If you will go to visit this island then you will also visit some natural places which close to it such as jungle gardens then you can see the wildlife, different types of species of animals as well as birds. Everyone needs to take a short tour with our friends and family to learn the interesting history. Moreover, it is best to place the Tabasco hot sauce made in this place and this is well known in the whole world also the grounds of this place are more beautiful. People can spend their vacation there and you should bring the camera with you to capture all the moments which you spend on the island. Another benefit of the camera is you can tell the stories to others about the island through pictures. Tourists can get the experience of natural beauty and learn something new. Furthermore, it is a fun place to sit and the best place to enjoy also this island is one of the most popular lands in this province also you can spend your extra time in the park which is near to this island.

How to Get There

There are main four ways to get there that are Airplane, drive and public transport. Easiest way to get their airplane whereas buses and trains are cheapest way to travel there, but public transport take long time to reach there.

BY AIR: - It has 81 public airports. They provide first class services to their customers. Three of them are international Alexandria International Airport at Alexandria, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport at New Orleans and the Chennault International Airport at Lake Charles. It is an easiest and fast way to travel there but it is little bit expensive. American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express, and World Atlantic Airlines serving at Alexandria international Airport. Air Canada, American Airlines, America West Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Grupo, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Taca, and United Airlines are serving at louis Armstrong airport. American Eagle, Delta Airlines, Delta Connection, United Express and Via Air are serving at Chennault international airport.

BY ROAD: - Another option to get there is by road, it takes too much time. For example, if we travel from Toronto to Louisiana it takes 21 hours and 34 minutes. You can drive by yourself or you can rent a car for trip. Moreover, if you think about personal safety you do not want to go there by car. Although it gives you great experience and you can see beautiful natural scenery, yet nothing is important then your safety.

BY TRAIN: - Amtrak train service united states and Canada by train. Basically, it is belonging to states but it offered Canadian natives to travel USA with train. The distance between Toronto to New Orleans is 1114.68 miles which takes approximately forty-six and half hours. Ticket price is between $250 to $400. Amtrak Cascades service runs in Vancouver, B.C., with some beautiful scenic spots. Adirondack runs between New York and Montreal it takes 11 hours in one side. These are some other routes offered by Amtrak in Canada. For more, anyone can check about price, routers, and other services on official site of Amtrak.

FERRY: - Ferries are a good option for travel. There is different type of ferry services are available. Ticket prices depend on type of ferry. The cat is high speed ferry service between Portland Maine and Yartmouth Nova Scotia. The vast routes of ferry is great lakes serve islands in the lakes.

BY BUS: - Greyhound, Neon and Megabus bus services runs between New York to Toronto and Toronto to New Orleans. Price is approximately 90 dollars for one side for New York and 156 dollars for Louisiana. Then there are various type bus services runs in America which will help you to reach in finial destination.

These are main mean of transportation which help people to travel Louisiana. Some of them provide fast service but these are expensive while those provide cheap price, it takes long time.

Tranaportation Options

Various type of transportation options are available in Louisiana. Louisiana public transport provide best services to people and it is cheapest way to travel there. Louisiana transportation system uses roadways, Air, waterway, and rail to moving people and goods from one place to another. On official site of public transit of Louisiana provide each and every information. LPTA improve their services to make it more beneficial for people also they promote education. Dinero' Washington is president of Louisiana public transport association.

TAXIS AND CAR RENTAL: - Regardless of whether you need a vehicle during your stay in Louisiana depends totally on whether you intend to travel anyplace other than New Orleans. In case you're staying the Big Easy, it was a city made for strolling. It's level and picturesque, with all the vivid nearby life happening directly in the city. Driving in New Orleans can be hazardous because of the absence of stopping in the French Quarter and the single direction lanes. Be that as it may, having a vehicle is fundamental in the event that you have any aim to investigate Cajun nation. All the huge name rental organizations can be found in the air terminals and downtown region.

TRAINS AND BUSES: - In the occasion that time is your partner, taking the train to Louisiana is an exceptional other option. The Crescent, Sunset Limited and City of New Orleans lines all experience The Big Easy, and the view is amazing here and there the way. Amtrak trains run rather steadily, anyway the seats are pleasing and the sections cost near a regional flight. The essential train and transport stations are arranged in the Central Business District downtown. Greyhound transports are considerably less costly and progressively adaptable kinds of transportation to get to Louisiana and move inside the state. LA Swift goes between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, while Megabus serves colossal urban networks in the Southeast like Atlanta and Houston. Simply New Orleans has an amazingly important open vehicle and streetcar orchestrate that stops at all the huge vacationer districts. The streetcars merit a ride just for excitement purposes, yet the two kinds of transportation are humble and accommodating ways to deal with get around Louisiana.


Dismissing whether you're a prepared pioneer or a youthful on your first dazzling experience, you're sharp enough to welcome that getting phenomenal Louisiana solace can have an essential impact in benefitting regardless much as could be run of the mill from your visit.

Eating up a lodge bargain at the correct expense can have a fundamental contact as for sorting out a top outing. The inn search doesn't stop at a staggering expense incidentally; discovering settlement with the thoughts and kindnesses you're after is huge as well. Despite whether you're turned around an a minor piece at a time practice plan, are breaking down for a great motel bar to discharge up and collaborator at, or in a general sense need an enduring dealt with assistance, your solace in Louisiana should meet the total of your necessities.

Fortunately, Wotif sources countless rooms the world over, appearing to you the best Louisiana reimbursement bargains which leaves you more cash to spend ticking off those exercises on your movement plan. Progressively respected still, Wotif places in the hard yards hiding away the best motel bargains, so through one clear lodge search, you can locate the best costs in Louisiana today.

With adequately open booking data and versatile compensation now or later choices, Wotif is the home of occasions, family trips, nostalgic voyages and business set out to all pieces of the comparable. Take the necessary steps not to eat up immense degrees of time cruising starting with one site then onto the going with. You have an occasion to reach, mate! Research a touch of our magnificent travel decisions today and see what you find.

Attractions which will generate revenue for the upcoming time: - There are a number of attractions in Louisiana which attract tourist to visit this province. The people come there for different purposes like some comes for entertainment, shopping, eating foods, visiting the island, spend time with family and so on. There are some attractions in Louisiana that will beneficial for the upcoming time.

New Orleans French Quarter: - The French Quarter is well-known in this province and it is the oldest neighborhood of New Orleans. Nowadays, most people go there to visit it and enjoy their golden time there and it will be earning more money in the future because this attraction attracts masses a lot for coming to Louisiana. The royal street is also famous because of the shops and art galleries.

Blue Bayou Water Park: - Tourists can enjoy their day and vacations with friends as well as make their weekends more special in summer. It is a natural place for tourists and citizens who want to protect themselves from summer and feel well. Children can also enjoy their vacation in this park more because it has a playground on one side in which they can play various kinds of games. Furthermore, several masses go there to reduce their stress level because distinct kinds of facilities available for them and citizens can also make the plan for a picnic in this park if the weather is good.

Audubon zoo: - The Audubon zoo is a well-known American zoo situated in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has an awesome atmosphere and entry prices are reasonable as well as fair but the food is very expansive. Moreover, lots of fun for kids and elders also. You can know about different species of new animals and birds there and learn something about wildlife. This place will be more beneficial for Louisiana because many people will go there to visit this zoo who loves wildlife.


In conclusion, it can be said that Louisiana is the best province in America and it is the most beautiful province. The several beautiful places are available there and anyone can enjoy in this place. Tourists can spend their summers in Louisiana because the various parks and islands are there. Moreover, tourists can get different experiences about several kinds of foods, fashions and culture also the Mardi Gras is the main festival of it and people enjoy it a lot.



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