Love as a Big Factor in Romeo’s Mood Through Romeo and Juliets Love Story

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Most actions are caused by one of two things, Nature or Nurture. Either of these directly effects peoples actions and schedule in their daily life. Nature is how people act based on their mental development. Nurture is how people act based on how they grew up and what they grew up around. Romeo’s actions are determined by certain events in his life, because he has no self-esteem, which is caused by his close ones.

Romeo’s parents have a great impact in his attitude. In Romeo and Juliets love story , it says, “Both by myself and many other friends. But he, his own affections’ counselor.” This shows his parents have attempted to get him to talk but, also need to be more involved in his life. If they were involved they should have known or had an idea of what was going on in his life. An article about child maltreatment effecting psychopathology states “Indeed, consistent with the concept of multifocality, maltreated children may develop a broad range of psychopathological outcomes.” This shows that being neglected his parents can be a root cause of his depression. He could have also had other events that triggered it. His parents’ maltreatment can be a key part of his depression.

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Romeo’s friends have a mainly negative effect on his self-esteem. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo’s friend, Benvolio and Mercutio, are peer pressuring him into dancing the dance they are also making fun of him when he was trying to share his dream. This proves that his peers are pressuring him and he falls into it. The reason he acts upon this was his “friends” that forced him. “Enough with mercy and consideration. It’s time for rage to guide my actions”. This shows Mercutio’s death affected him so much he lost control. It was so overwhelming he took it all out and killed Tybalt. His Friends had a big impact on his actions.

Friar Lawrence had a small impact upon Romeo and his actions. “Oh, deadly sin! Oh, unthankful boy! You committed a crime punishable by death, but our kind Prince took sympathy on you and ignored the law when he substituted banishment for death”. Romeo has been given mercy, but Romeo does not want it. Friar Lawrence is calling Romeo a brat, and is saying he does not deserve to live. “Oh, so madmen like you are also deaf” (Shakespeare). This proves Friar Lawrence does not treat Romeo as he should. He could be discouraging Romeo with what he says to him. Romeo has a small but, negative impact on Romeo.

Romeo gets depressed when something negative happens with his Romances. “And shielded by the armor of chastity. She can’t be touched by the weak and childish arrows of love” . After he finds out Rosaline is going into the convent he falls into a deep depression which constantly effects his mood. This shows love has a major impact on his daily life. “Here’s to my love! ROMEO drinks the poison”. Romeo kills himself next to Juliet’s body out of love. He makes such a hasty decision out of love, he does not stop to think about the consequences of his actions. Love is a big factor in Romeo’s mood, and he does whatever he thinks is necessary to have it.

Romeo’s maturity had an impact on his decisions. “Teenagers are impatient because developing brain connections make it difficult for them to see the benefit of waiting longer for another reward”. Romeo makes a hasty decision to kill himself, he did not see the benefit of waiting. It also was not his fault he did not get the letter. “There are numerous studies showing impulsivity in adolescents and this often results in them partaking in high-risk behavior” . Romeo partakes in high-risk behavior, he fought with Tybalt, and killed him. He also killed several other people, right before he killed himself. Part of his behavior was his developing brain, but his surroundings had a significant impact as well.

Romeo’s actions are caused by people in his life discouraging him. His friends and family have a direct impact of what Romeo does every day. They have such a negative impact on him it makes him make such rash decisions without thinking first. Everyone has a negative effect on Romeo’s life.  

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