Love as a Violent, Ecstatic and Dominant Force in Romeo and Juliet Play

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 How do you define love? Everyone has their own interpretation of what this four-letter word is. I define love as a deep gentle, compassionate affection for someone else. How does Shakespeare define love in your opinion? The book focuses on romantic love, especially the intense passion which emerges from Romeo and Juliet at first glance. Love is a violent, ecstatic and dominant force in Romeo and Juliet that overcomes all other values, loyalties and emotion.

Romeo's Juliet's devotion was much like Rosaline's affection. He looked at Rosaline and did anything for her. He pursued her as a nutshell, and Romeo was knocked out of his feet when Rosaline told Romeo that she was not loving her as he had for her. He just sat in his bed and screamed to the stage where Romeo. He declined to do anything and locked himself away from his life. Romeo agreed to come to the Masquerade only by Benvolio's urgent order, but he was suspicious. Romeo's heart became fragile because of his previous heartbreak and he therefore easily attached himself to Juliet. Once he had Juliet, he went overboard to figure out she had a common feeling about him. He accompanied him. He proposed marriage, which culminated in his demise and Juliet's, in order to prevent heart failure. Romeo hurriedly plunged into his Juliet friendship. They met and married in twenty-four hours. Even before the nurse presented them, they didn't know each other's identities.

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 Romeo learned little about Juliet, so he agreed anyway to marry her. They do ludicrous things that someone, later, would regret when they are very emotional. Until taking a rash move, Romeo ought to have allowed himself time to recover from his heartbreak. You don't have to know them to really love somebody? Many people confuse te feeling of love and lust and think these are both the same thing, but they are not. There is a huge difference. Romeo and Juliet did not take the time to meet and grow and cultivate their passion. They could have loved each other, but not deep enough to date. Could Romeo have enjoyed it, or would it have sought to trick the way out of their union if he had met Juliet when he realized that she was a Capulet? 

He'd come back to her if Rosaline had changed her thinking about Romeo, as he didn't know enough about Juliet to make his love blow strong. Juliet thought of passion little or nothing. She didn't think to get married before she met Romeo. Throughout her life, Juliet didn't have good love details. Their parents had a matrimony planned and Capulet interacted poorly with Lady Capulet. Nurse also spoke of passion, but mostly she spoke about 'lucky nights for happy days' which she means that Juliet will find happiness, Nurse spoke to Romeo as if he was a kind of deity, but Nurse threw Romeo away and praised Paris when he was compelled to get married. Thus, all Juliet learned of love and lust, she was in love with Romeo before Romeo came along. Juliet is also very young and might misinterpret love and its appreciation.

I think of Romeo and Juliet and think it is a depiction of the confusion and the intensity of life, mixing emotions of lust, crime, death, faith and family with an impressionist propensity that contributes to a tragic end to the play and Romeo and Juliet offer no specific moral point regarding ties between love and culture, religion and family. Romeo has very contradicting actions in definition of what love is. In the beginning, as I mentioned before he thought to be madly in love with another women, and thus being rejected by her he feels as if the world is going to end and vows to never see love for what he thought it was again. However, right after seeing Juliet, he claims to fall in love and questions what he really felt for Rosalind. He quotes, “Did my heart love till now?' He then shows the contrast on this feeling of love in Act III. 

Romeo starts with a very relaxed disposition and tries to calm down an altercation involving Tybalt, Mercutio and himself. In pursuit of Romeo appears Tybalt. Mercutio, though, intentionally provokes and tries to justify the fight against Tybalt. Benvolio tries to avoid the Capulet conflict. Romeo comes and Tybalt threatens him to take up the challenge, but Romeo avoids him because he now has connection with Tybalt just hours before he married Juliet. The battle starts with Tybalt and Mercutio. Romeo is between them and Tybalt stabs the Mercutio under the arm of Romeo in the hope of bringing an immediate stop to the battle. The accident proved devastating to Mercutio. Instead of love for Juliet, Romeo brutally attacked Tybalt, blinded by the rage about Mercutio's death.

 Later, in the play, Friar Laurence's plan is to give Juliet the sleeping potion, and then let her family discover her body. When she is placed in the family tomb, Friar Laurence and Romeo will be there to see her awake and then they can spend their lives together, far away. However, this plan did not work out. Romeo hears the news of Juliet's death from Balthasar. He goes and buys a poison and drinks it laying down next to her body.  

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