Love for Animals: Cats, Dogs and Other Pets


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If you have decided to live with this wonderful pet; Congratulations!!! Now you will need a small trousseau to be happy.

A cat is not a decision that can be taken lightly. This pet is a living being that requires some care and a series of attentions. If we decide to live with this type of animal, we have to know that it can live until the age of 15 or 20, that it needs veterinary care that requires a cost, also that we have to feed it, and have it on holiday. The owners have to know that we are going to assume a new responsibility.

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On the other hand, we must also bear in mind that living with these types of pets will fill us with satisfactions. Many are the advantages that these animals possess; They are clean, quiet, silent, fun, independent and have a great ability to adapt, can live in a flat or house with a garden and are easy to live with other animals.

If taking into account these small advantages and disadvantages that we have mentioned above, we have decided to have a cat as a pet, surely we will not regret it. Now you have to prepare everything for your arrival. In this article we will know the trousseau that our new mascot needs to be happy. Although there are several things, do not be afraid, have a cat as a pet, it is not very expensive.

We point out the following accessories:

  • A sandbox or stones
  • Two containers, one for water and one for feed.
  • Trasportín, we will use it for transfers in general or visits to the veterinarian.
  • Brush for hair and malt syrup to prevent the famous hairballs from forming.
  • Scraper

Then there are another series of elements that are optional; Like toys or even a bed or basket to sleep with, so we can avoid sleeping on our couch. Let’s see what we will use each complement for.

The Litter Tray for Cats

The felines, because they are extremely clean animals, learn to use the litter tray right away. Cats use the tray to relieve themselves. This cat feluno, will consist of a cajoncillo of walls not superior to 15 centimeters, that will be filled with sand sterilized and dry, that is changed as it is used.

It is convenient that this ‘feline bath’ is of good size, since our kitten once they have dirtied the sand, they will be dedicated to scratching it spreading around it, and thus we will avoid messing up the rest of the house. It is also important that we keep the cat tray clean, in a secluded and airy place. Cleaning is essential so that the cat feels comfortable and does not produce any type of infection, especially in the summer months. As for the cat litter, we can choose several types, currently the arenas for cats that exist are very sophisticated, with a great capacity of absorption of matter and odor.

Containers for Water and Food

The containers for water and food can be single or double. Plastic or stainless steel are easier to clean. It is essential that the drinker be permanently stocked with plenty of clean, freshwater. As soon as the feeder, it will be filled at meal times. Cats to grow healthy and strong, need a specific nutritious substances, so it is advisable to ask advice to the breeder or veterinarian.

The Transport for Cats

The transport is a kind of cage that serves to transfer our cat from one place to another. It is very useful to take our cat to the veterinarian or travel. When we go on a trip, it is highly recommended to use it, as we will reduce the chances of having an accident due to oversight. Cats do not usually like to be taken from one place to another, since they are very territorial and the places they do not know cause a certain stress. For our pet to become familiar with the transport, it is advisable to place it in an accessible place inside the home. It is good that the animal sniffs it or plays with it, even if it takes a few naps inside it. In this way, you will see it as a safe place and in the end you will get used to the displacements.

Brushes for Cats and Malt Syrup

Cats are extremely clean animals by nature. In fact it is very common to see our pet grooming constantly. Also, because they have the ability to clean themselves, they are not great friends of water. However, it is important to brush your hair regularly. In this way we will prevent them from swallowing hairs and forming the famous hairballs in the stomach, which in the long run can cause intestinal disorders. For this there are several brushes and combs for cats on the market, depending on the type of coat. Also prepared from malt, which the cat ingests and encourages the expulsion of hair balls in a natural way. In addition felines usually consider this type of malt syrup as a kind of candy.

Scrapers for Cats

By nature and instinct, cats need their nails to remain sharp. For that reason, in the absence of trees or fences, it is natural that they look for an object inside the house, in which to sharpen their nails, it is usually any piece of furniture, sofa or rug. For that reason and to avoid that our animal damages our furniture, it is fundamental to acquire a scraper that allows our little pet to sharpen its nails. Currently, there are a variety of scrapers of all types and sizes in the market. Let’s see some examples: Wall scrapers. They are usually lined with rope, and have a piece of material like carpet where the cat can scratch. These can be stuck to the wall.

Scraper Shaped Toy

They are usually toys wrapped in rope like a mouse, a ball or a box with holes so that the cat can enter and exit.

Scraper on Floors and with Toys

These can reach considerable sizes. There are several floors with a variety of toys. It is not only a scraper, but also a playground for our cat to climb and have fun. Usually they usually have a little ball or a mouse on the top that catches their attention. From the beginning of the coexistence it is important to teach our pet to respect our furniture and in general our home. The intelligence of these animals makes them learn quickly and in the end this accessory becomes an object with which they can play and exercise. Teaching them is very simple. Simply, when we see that our cat is sharpening its nails in an inappropriate place, we will pick it up and take it to the scraper. Other optional accessories.

The Bed and Toys

These accessories our cat will use or not and also with ingenuity we can also make them at home.

Bed Cats, unlike other animals, rarely choose a single place to sleep. At home, they usually investigate until they discover the corners of the house they like the most and alternate their dreams. The quietest and warmest hiding places are his favorite. Therefore, when placing the bed at home, it is important to choose a place of these characteristics, in order to get used to sleep in it. Ideal is a corner of a room type office, study room or in the living room, near a radiator or stove that works during the day. As for the bed, there are different options on the market, ranging from pillows to open wicker baskets, hard plastic baskets, igloos, padded houses or even a regular blanket can make the bed function as long as it is warm. The important thing is that the cat bed we choose to like. Anyway, it is possible that we buy a comfortable bed and our pussycat prefers the sofa or any other hiding place as a resting place. Toys There are numerous benefits that toys bring to cats; They awaken your imagination, develop your natural hunting instinct, improve your mood, enhance your attention span and help you burn calories. An entertaining cat is a happy and awake animal.

There are many toys for cats in the market; Like aluminum foil balls, all kinds of mice, some even give off odors, rubber bands, stuffed animals, etc. Although these are not expensive, we also have the possibility of making them at home with different materials such as paper or wool. Any of these options is good and will brighten the life of our pet.

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