Love in Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand


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What is love? Since the beginning of time, love has been one of the most spoken and written about topics in everyday life. Some people may say that love is the best feeling on earth and is a necessity to live. That without love, people would have no motivation, purpose or happiness in their lives. However that same love can cause the ultimate pain and sadness when it is not returned. Love can be attained through many different types of relationships; such as family, friends, romantic partners and more. While it can take different forms for individual people, it is a basic human need and a motivation for living. Most adults seek the expression of love through romantic relationships. Sometimes this love may be built on a strong foundation, but other times it can just be based on good looks and charm. In the case of Roxane, she discovers that outer and inner beauty are two very different things, and that love truly is blind.

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One major theme portrayed by Edmond Rostand in the play Cyrano de Bergerac is the difference between the hidden beauty of Cyrano and the outward beauty of Christian. This theme allows us to see how attributes worthy of love come in different forms. Cyrano embodies inner beauty through his courage, poetry and belief in good ideals and values. We see that Cyrano does not possess the qualities of charm and good looks because of his large nose. This quote emphasizes his exterior rather than his interior traits and emphasized during Cyranos’ first entrance in the play.

On the other hand, Christian represents his outer beauty rather than his inner beauty because of his good looks, charm, creativity and eloquence.In his quote, we see Cyrano and Christian talk about winning Roxane’s love. They realize that they both have different attributes, Cyranos poetry and Christians good looks. But together they believe they can win her love. This quote highlights Christians good looks and charm which tends to overshadow Cyranos shyness and creativity. When Cyrano states “romantic hero” he means that using both of their charms they can win Roxane’s love.

Cyrano is constantly composing love letters wether it in a duel or reciting them in the dark. The letters he writes are not just words on paper, but instead are comprised of a deeper meaning This quote gives the reader an idea on how poetry has such a soft spot in Roxanne’s heart. It connects her with her deeper emotions while being blinded to focus on what she loves rather then whom she thinks she loves.

In spite of using the combined qualities of Cyrano and Christian, Roxane is blinded and fooled into thinking that she loves Christian. This quote is a good example of blind love. Roxane describes the man she loves to Cyrano as handsome and believes she is in love with Christian. Her feelings of love are based in part because of his outer beauty, but mostly because of his fictitious poetry. What impressed Roxane and turned out to be the most vital attribute to win her love was the ability to craft words which is due to Cyrano and not Christian.

This quotation shows us that Roxane has derailed Christian and Cyrano’s plan. As Christian goes off to battle, Roxane informs him that she loves him for his soul alone rather than his outer appearance. This troubles and depresses Christian since he borrowed his “soul” from Cyrano. This shows us that Roxane is truly blinded, she loves Cyrano rather than Christian for his inner beauty without knowing it. This is an ironic moment in the play because of her statement of her lasting love for Christian is based upon a character trait he does not possess.

Roxane begins to realize that Cyrano wrote all these letters. As he reads Christian’s final letter out loud, she is amazed by his ability to read so well. As Cyrano is reciting the letters tears begin to drop down her cheek. She realized that together Cyrano and Christian represented the “Romantic Hero” that Roxane loves. As Roxane accuses him of speaking on Christian’s behalf Cyrano denies it. Roxane refuses to believe him and tells him she has been in love with one man, a courageous poetic musician, Cyrano. His thoughts began to outshine his face but her eyes are open and she no longer sees his outer appearance.

What is love? Although there are many different examples and ways to explain what love is. The best way to describe love in Cyrano de Bergerac is the with the term “love is blind”. This is based on the idea that when you truly love another, than you do not see your lovers flaws. Because of this blindness Roxane was able to see past Cyrano’s insecurities and big nose towards the end of the play and accept him despite his flaws. While Christian cannot express his thoughts and his actual personality in words, Cyrano cannot express himself in action. However in using Christian to change his thoughts into actions, Cryano was able to win Roxane’s heart through his words and personality. The letters that he had composed become inseparable from Cyrano’s inner beauty, and it was this inner beauty which had been a part of Roxane’s love all along.

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