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Loyalty Cannot Be Gray, It Is Only Black And White

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Loyalty cannot be gray, it is only black and white, you are either entirely devoted to not at all. Loyalty to some extent never lasts forever, at some point in life we all leave weather circumstances or death. Although it is an antidote to agony and despair you can never buy nor sell it, but rather earn it. You cannot place a price on the affection of the heart, soul and mind. Time is deception. Someone you have known for years can leave sooner than someone who has just walked in your life. People enter your life effortlessly but those who stay under all circumstances are meant to be kept and fought for.

Loyalty is like a book. You have it, read it once, live through it once, and afterwards they get bored of it losing interest putting the book aside and as it collects dust it is completely forgotten and left behind. It is rare to find people who will read the same book multiple times, since very few people are devoted to what they love. Loyalty is when you can put your life on the line for someone, when you stay even when it hurts you to. You put them above yourself and want pure happiness for them. Sounds a lot like love doesn’t it? Loyalty leads to love and love leads to loyalty.

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On the other hand, loyalty is truly dangerous, whether we deny it or not everyone leaves our life to some extent. Weather circumstance or death do us apart, the result is the same. While there are still people out there with good intentions, that will love and care for you as long as they possibly can, we have to understand that all of this, our life, will come to an end.

A verse in the Quran warns us about the day we will all be alone, worrying only about ourselves; “That day a man shall flee from his own brother, and from his mother, and his father, and from his wife and his children”. It is believed that after we die we will be resurrected and held account for our actions and beliefs, during this period of time every one of us will be alone. Afterwards we either go to hell or heaven, and this “ayat” does not necessarily mean we are alone in heaven. If your loved ones have good deeds as well they will surround you in paradise. While this point questions the power of loyalty since it is believed we are alone to suffer in hell but with loved ones in heaven, it further questions loyalty. Are those who love and care for us only with us most when we are at our best? Although, true loyalty lies between willing to give you all to someone and being there, and helping them through tough times. Never intending to leave someone is loyalty. Never intending to betray someone is loyalty.


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