M-government: in the Context of Bangladesh

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Day by day the population of Bangladesh is increasing and it’s getting more tougher and tougher for government to reach the door to door of the people. When any of the facilities has provided for the people of the state, the most of the people remain in darkness. Not only that but also the people can’t find any solution regarding any problem that they face. So, the M-government has introduced in that chapter. M-government’s structure development and implement procedure is mentioned through the chapter. Not only that but also, we mentioned about the challenges that may be faced by the government in times of implementation. So, we provide a recommendation too.

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Keywords—m-government;internet; e-government; smartphone;structure; IEEE;


Internet the word which consists of only eight words which changed the color of the world. The next revelation of the current world is the smartphone which has the severe influence on the current situation of the world. Now a day, it’s really hard to find out the person who doesn’t have the smartphone and never use the internet for one day. This is the period of the internet where a smartphone or device uses this opportunity very well.

The government of any country has provided a lot of opportunity and services for the people. Not only they provide the services but also the have to ensure that the people of their country have got the proper services and all kinds of facilities. This thing was done in a manual way previously. But now the time has changed. This is the time for reaching the door to door through the internet or other wired facilities.

Generally, m-government refers to the collection of the government services that are currently available to the country and accessible through any kind of electronic devices are known as the m-governance. M-government generally used to develop the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the service of the government. Now a day, the reach of the mobile phone and the internet is all over the place. Almost every people has at least one smartphone in their family. From time to time, the user of the smartphone will increase epidemically and by this smart device, the services of the government can be delivered to the home to home.

Generally, the government uses the traditional way to spread their services to their people. Most of the government publish their news through newspaper and ad in the government television. Moreover, the publicity doesn’t provide the guaranty of reaching all the people at a time. Not only that but also it has cost a lot of money too. For that reason, it’s very normal that one part of the people of the country remains in the darkness about getting the proper information about the government services and other facilities. By publishing notice an ad isn’t the best way to reach the mass people.

Introducing them-government can change the whole things radically. As the concept of the m-government is based on the reaching of the people through the use of the smartphone and internet. The publicity cost can be reduced through m-government as the government only needs to provide all the information through the mobile services or the internet. Generally, the main goal of the government is too reach the highest number of people as they always want to provide the proper information and services to the mass people. By using this concept it’s easy to reach the numerous number of people. This concept can change the whole scenario of the department. So, in a single word, this is the concept which can bring the effectiveness of the government.

In the whole world, this concept is very much popular with the people. The developed country from Europe like Turkey, the Czech Republic have already implemented this idea. If we look at Asia, our very neighboring country Philippines and India has already implemented this idea[2]. Kerala, which is situated in the southwestern part of India has become a role model for the whole of India. As this concept was implemented there first and now this concept is in the plan of the Indian national government plan

In the context of Bangladesh, the m-government is a newborn idea. As the main goal of the current Sheikh Hasina government to digitalize the whole system and bring all the system and facilities to the door to door. The necessity of the m-government for the context of Bangladesh is much-needed things as most of the department of our country are already there for the people but can’t provide the best kind of facilities. Moreover, system loss is at the peak in the manual process and that causes a lot of problems. People have to run for complaining about their problem to the authority and they have to wait a long time for solving the whole problem. For that reason, the efficiency of the department and the government has been at the top. So, it’s really necessary to implement the m-government in the context of Bangladesh.

In this paper, we are proposing a system concept that will bring all the department together through an application which will be used for knowing, tracking information and complaining about the problem of the citizens. Moreover, through this system, we are trying to build a bridge between authority and the mass people. The whole system is described in the later part of the paper.

The whole paper is broken down in the five certain part. The part which will come next is known as the literature review. This consists of the brief description of other works. The next part consists of the system architecture. The brief architecture is narrated in this chapter. The recommendation will come next as it is placed in chapter four. We will complete this whole paper through the conclusion of chapter five.

Literature Review

People used to communicate with each other through letters or any other medium in the recent past. After the innovation of the mobile phone the things have changed. The internet brings the whole world together. Some current stats shows that there are 7.5393 billion people over the world. From this huge number of people 4.021 billion people directly uses internet. The percentage of the mobile user is 53%. The 42% people are the active social media user. This is the calculation of the whole world. Now, focusing in the Bangladesh we find that the 150.945 million people over the whole country are using the mobile phone currently. Moreover, 80 million people uses the internet all over the Bangladesh. So, the huge number of people can be reached by the internet very easily in context of Bangladesh. So, it’s really important for people of Bangladesh to implement the m-government. The m-government can be the relationship builder with the people. So, it will be very easy to implement the m-government concept in Bangladesh.

The m-government concept for the context of European country is very old. Developed country like Sweden already implemented this method in years back.

Ghyasi et. Al. propose three different method for three different country. Country like Turkey has implemented three different application for the whole system. Those was mentioned here. While country like Czech Republic implement the method of delivering the information of the government to the citizen. This information can be the critical one or the regular one.

If we look at Asia, country like Philippines already implement the idea of the m-government. In that paper which we mentioned here earlier, has propose the method of the Philippines. They have implement the text message service which they called “TXT CSC”. This was the SMS services which receive more then 1400 message per month. They have another plane for the criminal offense as they implement the reporting system. These three countries have steps forward in the concept of the m-government

Malaysia also steps through that process. But they cover the flood management area through the m-government process. As the message is sent in times of flood alert, the alert is sent.

If we look at the Africa, country like Jordan they have already implemented the idea. Kerela, the provenance of the India, has already implemented the m-government concept. Now, it’s the time for Bangladesh to step this door and make the whole system more flexible.

Service System Architecture

From the above architecture, we find there are two partitions in that whole system. The whole system is divided into certain types of layer. Each and every channel has the number of clients and those number of the client is fixed in position. The layer which we mentioned here is derived from that part of the chapter.

The whole system is be based on the mobile application and the internet. The system has two different entities. The user and the admin. The user is considered the main domain of the whole system.

There are three different opportunities for the user. They can make the regular post. Not only the regular post but also there are specific facilities for the user for asking the help in the emergency situation. We introduced a chatbot which will answer all the questions of the user if there is an inquiry.

User Part

Regular Post

In the regular post part of the system, there are three different part. Those are:

Area Basis Post: This is basically implemented for the system to posting the problem of the user. The problem post will be sorted out according to the area. As if there are same category post from the same area, then there is an option to vote the same problem. The problem which will get the most vote will get the most priority. This priority system is set up by using the Round Robin algorithm. If the user didn’t find any post regarding his area, then he or she can post his/her problem with several descriptions. After posting those problems, the user will get a notification when it will be sent to the admin and received by him.

View Post

In the whole system, there will be a lot of users. These users can post their different problem and that problem can be viewed by others.

Solved Problem

The problem which will be solved by the authority will appear here.

Emergency Part

In the time of the emergency case, like fire accident, road accident, political collision and others the user can ask for help. When a user request for help, the current location will be sent automatically from the system to the authority. After getting the location the nearest police/fire station/ ambulance will be notified. The ford wareshal algorithm is used here for getting the shortest path to reach the people who ask for the help. The nearest police/fire station/ ambulance will be deployed there.

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