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Major Characters

The character in Macbeth Ambition Is the Witches, Macbeth, Malcolm, and Lady Macbeth.

Based on

Macbeth has a disturbing issue in his thoughts about whether to kill Duncan or not. He concludes that the only thing standing between him and his plans is ambition. He compares it to a horse when it is leaping over an obstacle.

  • Ambition: Macbeth is driven by ambition devoid of morality. He resolutely sets his face to fulfill his evil plans and succeeds but the success becomes his downfall.
  • Light and darkness: These are symbols that stand for good and evil/noble and common.
  • Sleep: Sleep is symbolic of purity and conscience
  • Blood: Blood symbolizes guilt, imagery, and murder

Macbeth has an ambition that he feels must be fulfilled. Although it is an evil ambition, he proves to his audience has the power of will can do wonders. His will helped him take over the throne from Duncan.


Macbeth’s plot is ambition. He is a loyal general who agrees to betray his king due to ambition. Under encouragement from the three witches and challenge from his wife, Macbeth will stop at nothing until his ambitions are fulfilled. He is blind to the moral side of his amotion but it finally leads him to a downfall.

Why is this topic important?

Macbeth Ambition has a deep inspiration to readers to be careful with their actions. Macbeth aimed to kill one person but he ended up killing many more and triggering a civil war. He became a victim of his actions.

Main Ideas

The main idea in Macbeth Ambition is how individuals’ destruction comes upon them due to unrestricted ambition. It denies them moral constraints even when they are vividly written before their eyes.

Key Quotes
  • My sole state of man that function Is smother'd in surmise as my thinking, whose murder is still fantastical."
  • "Why do I succumb to that proposal, whose horrifying visions untangle my hair and make my seated heart thud at my ribcage, in opposition to the use of nature?"
  • You would be a great artist if you didn't have ambition, but if you didn't have an illness to accompany it (1.5)
Interesting facts

Macbeth ambition was written about 5 centuries after the real event took place.

Why should this topic be used?

The moral of the story is applicable in any situation in life. Macbeth thought that by killing Duncan, he would reign on the throne peacefully but he was more than wrong. There is a lesson every generation can learn from the experiences of Macbeth.

Arguments for

Although Macbeth murdered the king, he was generally a good man who always thought about the good of his country and king. He didn’t rush to murder the king but took time to think through all issues. Even when he concludes to murder, he acts after looking at the good side of his actions.

Arguments against

Shakespeare warns of the dangers of ambition which Macbeth didn’t take note of. Shakespeare notes that to prick the sides of a person’s intent which he indicates as ignoring the effects, the actions finally work against the person Macbeth’s conscience was dead during his actions but it was too late to correct the mistakes.

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