Madness in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare is an interesting story plays as one of the best stories and very intriguing plays of the English language. Among many questions that Hamlet Shakespeare's has often been considered one of the most, lies the but the most ask question is if was Hamlet faking his madness or was it acuatlly real or not. Using evidence from the text and criticism, it can be argued that Hamlet does indeed maintain his sanity throughout the entirety of the play. By figuring the character of Hamlet.

Characters in Hamlet are intended to be persuaded by insanity, therefore, thorugh the play,they are being corrupted by their minds thinking into a descent of  madness bringing about tragic endings, sorrow-filled moments, and shameful events. Hamlet, a character from Shakespeare’s play, is portrayed as a person with disease. Critics state that Hamlet is truly insane. They demonstrate how Hamlet’s responses and behavior are linked to pure madness, but the reasoning and constant planning are elements that Hamlet displays throughout the play. Hamlet maintains both lucidity and sanity throughout the play but his mind continued to have to balance giving the impression that the “disease” of insanity was not there at all. Hamlet’s insanity is introduced in Hamlet after he has seen the ghost of his father which tells him what happens with his death, and After this encounter, Hamlet states his plan for feigning insanity. To get revenge for his father's death. One quote in the play is when hamlet makes fun of Polonius with him knowing that hamlet is very smart and is very sane to make them thing that he actually is mad but in reality, he is just faking it.

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All of the evidence would seem show how that Hamlet is pretending to be mad. But, as Polonius acknowledges, there is method to his “madness.' Hamlet shows the impression of insanity better to hide his true intentions regarding Claudius murder. If people think he's mad then they'll be more likely to underestimate him. Hamlet's constant vacillation in killing Claudius merely adds to the sense that this is not a particularly formidable character. At the same time, we must remember that Hamlet is a very diffrernt person than everybody else. Although he isnt probaly acutally mad but there actuall could be some little doubt that he was acutally mad but according to this he tells horatio of how he is faking it and he tells gertude at the end of act 4 that he faking it. But he couldnt tell any body because if he tells his mother cause she is the queen and if hamlet tell her what she is doing then she is gonna go tell the king which is clauidius so she has to start gaining confidence with her and then he could tell her what he was acutally doing with his fake madness. 

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