Magele Motusia Mariner “My Papa” – A Present Pacific Leader

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In my ongoing treks to Samoa, I have observed my Papa, Magele Motusia Mariner, a present Pacific leader. I have seen my Papa different circumstances being called for important matai (chief) meetings. He is an Ali’i chief in Samoa owning four title names Magele Motusia, Taule’ale’a, Leatigaga and Logoi all of which he utilizes for three unique small villages in Savaii; Salelologa, Salelavalu and Iva. The gathering area is as a rule in a Fale that the minute caught is extremely tapu known as sacred. I watch how tulafale chiefs give discourse and address issues on Samoa’s primary development and cash while my Papa sits and tunes in to the general population’s worries. Be that as it may, I caught how he and other Ali’i chiefs never talk yet simply listen then counsel after on these issues. However, In New Zealand, I finally hear him talk in public places but it is an old and troublesome Samoan dialect that is respecting to pastors and other matai’s living or visiting on board.

I have picked my Papa, a present Pacific leader, because he distinguishes from other pioneers. When he has vision of where he wants his people to be and attempting to accomplish that he strategically thinks about it. His believability to his people is significant in light of the fact that he is known to be trustworthy and his activities talk on it which is the reason individuals follow him. He is a future planner someone who seeks to want the best for everyone. A father, minister and chief conceived in to a Christian religion is behavior wise fair, honest, respectful of others and devoted in what he has faith in that establishes a great connection with village individuals and family. My Papa’s ultimate strength is understanding the hardest issues and being able to make critical decisions even though they can be the hardest choices to make. Serving his people and family is a compromise of all the features that make him the leader I picked. Likewise, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi a head of state in Western Samoa believes that leadership is “o le ala I le pule o le tautua” translates to “the pathway to leadership is through service”. Efi’s idea that this is the pith of Samoan initiative, that genuine authority is service for the benefit of other people. According to tautua as a pathway title has been reversed. Then she goes on say that today, one of the justifications to conferring a title on a family member is so that person could render tautua to the family. Even though my Papa does reside in Samoa, today money is a key factor that brings out his service for his people, this is therefore the reason he travels to New Zealand to cater his time to his family and people here who send money over to help with tautua but not only that and to also keep the Va between families. This idea came about from colonization on Samoa gradually led to diaspora pacific people moving overseas to have better lives and the remittances social relationship concept become significant. Capitalism and the impact missionaries had on the ‘fa’amatai’ system changed a lot of things that the remittances service is one of the main changes today.

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Magele Motusia Mariner is a leader with a vision. He guides individuals, sees the positive qualities in the village. He demonstrates the title taule’ale’a known as courteous fellows and keeps the villages set up and ensure that the prosperity of his people is protected from hurt. My Papa monitors the nu’u (village) and maintains individuals from violating the law or having deaths and wounds caused from battles. For instance, adolescents battling, neighbors at war, church battling and brutality all around. He is responsive to issues and communicates his decisions clearly. Some portion of his part is helping the head of state government to keep the peace within these three villages. As a taule’ale’a he fabricates connections in light of regard and ensure a tight close bond between family, sisterhood, brotherhood, village individuals, chiefs, orators and so forth. The role of the taule’ale’a is also tightly connected to or founded on the family unit, which is made up of reciprocal relationships based on reciprocal respect. Christianity plays an effect in the manner in which Samoans were colonized, missionaries set Godly values, and this has influenced in the way my Papa drives his people.

The effects my Papa has left on me is to always lead by example with actions. He has developed individuals, families and church people to be the best they can rather always fighting. I believe the biggest legacy my Papa leaves behind for future generations is that he has developed other pioneers and young people to be where they are. He has added great qualities and importance to other’s lives particularly youthful pre-grown-ups in light of the fact that what’s to come is our youngsters. Realizing that my Papa has made even one life inhaled on the grounds of this planet, means he’s left the world a superior place.

Therefore, I believe his leadership is effective on myself, communities, villages and families within Samoa and New Zealand. Magele Motusia Mariner sums a leader of service. His role is not easy as a taule’ale’a but his loyalty to his duties and his people is important. Money is the key factor through his service and without money including the values he carries for his people he would not be the leader is today. He distinguishes from many others in these factors that make him the effective leader he is. Even though the systems have changed in Samoa in terms of matai, my Papa still carries a lot of traditional Samoan fa’amatai. Money and service are what the innovations that work together to deliver his service. Regardless of living in Samoa and serving there, he still visits New Zealand on special occasions to also be with family and people that help him with money and his service.


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