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John Green gave this novel, Looking for Alaska, a very great name. It tells the story of Miles Halter moving to a boarding school in search of his “Great Perhaps”. He then makes friends with the outcasts with Alaska Young being one the outcasts. She helps him to become adventurous and have fun and life in the present. Miles would have never met his friends including, The Colonel, Takumi and Alaska, without the help of his interest. His favorite thing in the world is people’s last words. The last words of his favorite poet were “I go to seek a Great Perhaps”. These last words inspired Miles to go to Culver Creek boarding school. This title fits very well by bringing the book together, another title can also be given to bring the book together.

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Many reasons and pieces of the novel helped to give the novel its title. Miles begin to fall in love with Alaska for being different and amazing. He is constantly describing her as beautiful, outgoing and down to earth. Alaska begins to take him on many adventures such as breaking into other dorms to see what students were hiding in their rooms. With Alaska helping him go on these adventures he begins to realize that there is a mysterious side to her not very many people know about. “But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating.” –Miles Halter, Looking for Alaska. In this quote he speaks about how amazing Alaska is compared to him. One of the main reasons why Miles embarks on this huge adventure is because he is in search of his “Great Perhaps”. At the end of the book Miles realizes that his “Great Perhaps” was Alaska Young, hence the title Looking for Alaska.

Without the wise words of Francois Rabelais Pudge, Miles, would have never found his way to the Creek. While bringing inspiration to him the words also made him wonder of his reasons on Earth. Culver Creek has been a part of his family for generations and this helped him to think of the options moving away could bring him. Once he gets to the Creek he brings to try new things a become adventurous unleashing a side he didn’t know he had. He began to believe that trying new things and the help of his new friends would open doors to find his “Great Perhaps” As the story begins to come to an end Miles starts to realize that his search is over because he has found his “Great Perhaps”. Alaska was it, she had been standing in front of him the whole time and he didn’t know why he loved her so much and now he does.

Much praise is Given to the Author John Green for writing the book and giving it such an amazing title. If the title could be changed and could still give readers the same reaction the next best title would be “The Great Perhaps”. It helps the readers to understand that without this quote Miles would have ended up at the Creek. Alaska, The Colonel, Takumi, Culver Creek, and the prank would have never existed without Miles inspiration. A novels title catches a reader’s attention from the moment they put their eyes on it. “The Great Perhaps” might have been a good eye catcher to readers walking in the bookstore.

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