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Texas has viewed immigration as a burden for as long as we can remember. We have been cracking down on immigration laws especially in Texas because we are in close proximity to the border which makes us more prone to immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Many of these immigrants have gone through treacherous conditions just to live in America and provide a better life for their family. According to James Harrington of the Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy, we basically have war on the Hispanic community. Many of these people have been in America for years already and have built a life for themselves. With Texas’s old and new policies in place like the SB4 bill it’s making a simple speeding violation dangerous for them.

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Texas has always been very cautious when it comes to illegal immigrants entering the state. In 2014, it was almost impossible to get a birth certificate for your child in the hospital if you didn't have the right documents. Most illegal immigrants would not be able to get the type of documents requested to obtain a birth certificate. No expired foreign licenses or foreign IDs would be accepted. This would be necessary for any medical help that the child needs or for school enrollment for the child. Finally in 2016 they made more IDs acceptable to obtain a birth certificate. They still did not implement the Matricula which is the ID Mexico offers because it's “unsecure” even though it gets updated often. The voter ID in Mexico is now accepted but is a lengthy process. “You can go to the flea market on the weekend and buy a driver’s license”, James Harrington states when hearing that drivers licenses are the most secure form of ID. It's ridiculous that for the longest time just to obtain your child's birth certificate you needed a certain type of ID if you're not legal. Under the Constitution it states, “If you’re born in America you are considered a citizen.” Why would that not apply to the children born in America no matter what the circumstance of the parents? When the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in 2012 and the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) took place in 2014, things were looking up for immigrants. It gave them a chance to obtain a work permit within 2 years so they could stay in the United States.

In 2016, Texas and some other states sued the United States for the DAPA act for violation the Administrative Procedure Act because it did not pass through a process called the notice-and-comment process. The final verdict in court was a 4-4 vote which caused the act to be paused until otherwise noticed. When Donald Trump became president, most of his policies involved deporting illegal immigrants and building a wall that Mexico would pay for. In 2017 DAPA was officially taken down by the Trump administration. DACA is still up in the air for debate with Trump as president. These programs were crucial in the development of illegals to legals. It gets rid of the title of “rapists or criminals” as Trump refers them as. It gave kids a chance to prove themselves to work hard for what they want. The DAPA act had no reason to be repealed. The parents just wanted their children to succeed and wanted to be there for them. Another bill that Texas has implemented against immigrants is the SB4 bill. This bill gives officers the right when stopping a car for a traffic violation or on a college campus to ask proof of citizenship. Basically anyone in police custody or gets stopped by a cop can be detained. This bill made just going outside a safety hazard for these people. Gov. Greg Abbott stated that the bill was only aimed towards those who have done wrong but it just doesn't affect them. This bill affects everyone the police comes into contact with. According to Anna Nuniz, in July 2017 more crimes in Fort Worth were targeted towards Hispanics because they would not call the police with fear of being deported. We have Hispanics being robbed or killed within fear of being deported by the police.

This bill is very unnecessary and even though it means good intentions it’s doing the exact opposite. Now simple things can lead to deportation which has increased in 2018. Families are being held in deportation camps that are similar to concentration camps. Most families are being separated and held in different areas or camps. Laura Ingraham a Fox new host, described these camps as “essentially a summer camp.” These camps are used as a scare tactic for immigrants and separating them from their children is just inhuman. These camps aren't necessary and especially being sent to one of these camps because someone got stopped for a broken taillight isn't right. Citizenship should only be asked during felony charges and multiple repeated charges. Not all immigrants are criminals. Immigrants are a crucial part of this economy. According to Daniel Boward of the Maryland Law Review, “The United States has become increasingly dependent on immigrants.” Most of our Blue collar jobs are run by illegal immigrants. Our lawn services, construction, maid services, restaurants and janitorial jobs are mostly all worked by immigrants. Without them we wouldn't have anybody to work those jobs and would make it harder for everyone in general. “It takes many unauthorized individuals have lived in the U.S. for many years, live in mixed families where at least one family member is a United States citizen or green card holder and contributes to the U.S. economy in meaningful ways.”

Most people who have immigrated from another country to the United States have created a life for themselves and are either out of poverty or away from the crime they faced in their home country. We have more people coming to the United States to escape the crime their countries have and not bring crime into the U. S. These are only half of the policies that immigrants have to face on a daily basis. We need to stop viewing immigrants as “criminals” and start welcoming them in with open arms. To prevent crime from entering in we should still continue with background checks and drug searches if necessary and only allow a certain amount of people into the United States at a time to prevent overpopulation. Saying illegal immigrants are “taking our jobs” and that they need to be deported is selfish. They most definitely worked ten times harder than most Americans do on a daily basis. They believe in the American Dream and work hard to achieve it.

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