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There are many books that I read every year and throughout my life but I truly believe that none come even close to this book called “Always Running”. As a book that is written by a former gang member by the name of Luis J. Rodriguez, it has the violence and the foreshadowing that many readers enjoy to read. Because of the first person view of this story, Luis is naturally the protagonist along with his mom, dad, Chente, and his gang “homeboys” as the other main characters. This book took place before the L.A. riot and is talking about what the gang life is like and why he quit the gang life.

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This book starts with Luis and his family member immigrated from Mexico to the United States to trying to seek a better life. As their lives went on, his brother and himself went off heading in different directions. As his brother grew older, he changed from a gangster like violet person to a nice, hardworking student. On the other hand, Luis himself went from a nice obedient, and shy kid to a gangster like violent person. As their lives went on, Luis wanted to take revenge because of the lack of respect and the way that the white teachers and police treated the Mexicans. Because the lack of respect and the abuse that the police used against the Mexicans, Luis and his friends created a small gang in elementary school. But the main purpose of that gang was to protect each other and be there for the other person. Soon after Luis saw another gang member wreck havoc to their school and that sparked an idea in his head. Luis had always wanted the same amount of respect and authority as the person that even caused the teacher to hide or run away. Soon after, Luis joined Los Lamos. This brought him to the height of his power and his strength. He soon killed and attacked his enemy Sangra, robbed stuff from restaurants, puffed on things, and also took drugs. This lead to his mom kicking him out of the house for a while until he was allowed back into the house. During those years that Luis had spent with the gang, he had learned many things while he spent his time in jail. All of those years in the gang since he was in elementary school led to rethink many of his action and how he could change all of that. For example, he lead his school in too many walkout in the middle of class to demand what they wanted to change and want they wanted to change so that the Latino gets treated the same as the other white kids did. His unusual thinking while he was in the gang led him eventually quitting the gang and helping other people in his community and the places around the community to gain civil rights for the Mexicans and the other races that were affected.

Rodriguez is one of the many kids of their immigrant family. Rodriguez is now a early teen writer, a poet, journalist, fiction writer, children’s book writer, and a critic. Rodriguez is also a peacemaker of the many gangs around the nationally and internationally. Rodriguez also wrote many other books like “It Calls You back” and many others. This book is one of the best book I have ever read and it is not because there is violence in it but it is because of the message behind it. This story has many morals, and many of them are important to learn about. This book would be a book that I would definitely recommend to someone else, regardless of their maturity.

There are many things that I learned while reading this book but I think the most important thing that I have learned from reading this book is to take everything that have for granted and respect everything and everyone. The reason being is because after having finished reading this book, I learned that not everyone’s lives are like us peaceful and we don’t have to worry about coming home one day and not have enough money to eat that day. In this story, that applied to Luis no matter how hard their family tried to earn the money and keep their family from living on the streets. After having to have read this book, I would take everything that I have or own as a gift and live the most the of my life.

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