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Main Methods And Techniques For Fact Finding

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Information gathering, or what we called as fact finding, is a process where one uses methods such as meetings, interviews, sampling and other techniques to gather information about system problems, preferences and requirements. There are many techniques for fact finding such as research, sampling of data, analyse of organisation charts, interview, observations and questionnaire. However, not all techniques are suitable and convenient to be used by all. The method attempted would be the research. This method helps to gather documents that describe the problem, standard operating procedures for the system, reports, databases and more. This method is highly effective and efficient as data could be collected easily from the network and trustworthy media. Besides, it is extremely cost effective which is just right for us. From using this method, we manage to gather data about the system we intent to develop, problems faced by customers, database, and the most effective way of developing the system. Not only that, research is a lot less time consuming compared to other methods such as interviews and questionnaire as majority of the solutions for the problems already exist. Data of how others solved similar problems or met similar requirements can be found easily and also be able to keep the research up to date.

Another techniques used would be sampling or documentation. All the documents gather are reviewed and drafted to analyse and sort for better understanding. This helps us to save more time and money as well as work more effectively. Both interviews and questionnaire is a solid method however both are time consuming and also not cost effective at all therefore impractical for the current situation. Observation on the other hand is impractical due to the inexperience in this issue. If this method is used, we may miss observing certain important tasks. Some tasks might also not always be performed and people tend to perform differently when being observed therefore not suitable for the current situation.

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System analyse phase is the second and one of the most important part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). This phase is important as it helps understand the customer’s expectations as to who will be using the system, how the customers will use the system and any specific information is included with any special customer requirements. The main requirements for the system we are developing right now would be it must be user friendly. The ease of use is one of the main reasons for successful kiosk program. Unlike other systems, kiosks are meant for one time used users that will not be using it multiple times in a short amount of period. Therefore it should be simple and easy to be understood as well as having technology to keep up with current standards such as touch technology and convenient payment systems. Other requirements would be able to improve customer experience. The kiosk system should be able to process quickly to increase customer satisfaction sustainably. This is especially true for Starbucks as one of the major problems they are facing would be the long lines they have. Besides, functionality is also important especially in the customization department. A perfect example would be users should be able to customize their drinks before ordering them. This helps to suit customer’s different taste and preferences.


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