Main Obstacles before Implementing the 5g Technology

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Problems which would be addressed by having a 5G based solution

5G for users means not only better mobile internet, but Internet connectivity in many more items than can be seen today. Rayome (2019) a senior editor for TechRepublic, reports that according to CB Insights, 5G technology can create opportunities in many industries. Some problems that 5G can address include health care industry and financial services.

Health Care

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By enabling all these technologies through 5G networks, healthcare systems can improve the quality of care and patient experience, reduce the cost of care, and more. Instead of only reacting to patients’ conditions, 5G networks can give providers the ability to provide more personalized and preventive care; which is the reason many healthcare employees became providers in the first place. (Team, AT&T Business Editorial, 2019)

Fulton(2019) notes that the availability in rural areas of low latency connectivity will revolutionize critical care services for individuals across the world. Patients in small towns would no longer be required to change their lives and travel to larger towns, away from the livelihoods they know and love, just to obtain the level of care they ought to be entitled to. As recent Mississippi trials show, 5G-level coverage enables caregivers in rural and remote areas to receive real-time advice and assistance from the world’s finest surgeons wherever they may be located.

Financial Services

5G would speed up the digitization of financial institutions, including from internal to customer service operations, the report stated. Increased security and speed would allow users to make transactions on their phones more and more quickly and make it possible for remote tellers. (Rayome, 2019)

Barriers for Successfully Deploying 5G Systems

With the fifth generation (5G) rolling out and expanding, Kritsonis (2019) a veteran freelance journalist reports that the much-discussed new cellular network technology is anticipated to have a major impact once the network is up and running. Making 5G a fact comes with challenges to effectively deploy it. Several 5G implementation hurdles include cost and networks limited in range


Infrastructure costs are one of the biggest barriers to 5G implementation. Providers and local authorities are aware of the need for a new network infrastructure to provide healthcare, transportation and manufacturing applications. (Williams, 2019)

Building a network is costly and by rising consumer profits, carriers can raise the money to do so. Including higher initial costs incurred by LTE projects, 5 G is expected to follow a similar path. And it’s not just adding a layer on top of an existing network, it’s absolutely laying the foundation for something new. (Kritsonis, 2019)

Networks Limited in Range

Most 5G networks run on high radio frequencies called millimeter waves which have the advantage of being able to carry lots of data (e.g. for quicker streaming of HD movies) but are limited in range (often less than one square mile). Public objects like trees and buildings can effectively obstruct information transmitted through these types of 5G networks.

Fewer users can access 5G from a single cell tower due to the limited range of 5G. It means that many small antennas need to be installed to accommodate more users, and if not, only a small group of very specific phones can be connected to the network. (Fisher, 2019)

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