Main Problems with Blood Diamonds


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All special gems , are meant to be seen as a remarkable thing one of the many beautiful things of the world, a sign of love, however this is not always the case, to countries with a huge supply of diamonds, it can be seen as a tool of corruption and violence. In many different cases diamond mines not only create diamonds but also wars between states, environmental problems, terrible conditions in which humans work, and workers are treated in very brutal ways.

When consumers realize what horrible conditions most diamonds are being mined in, people can ensure that the diamonds they purchase aren’t sourced from certain countries who are guilty of abusing human rights and that no life was at the cost of that diamond. These diamond companies mostly act in accordance with their profit objectives and are not concerned with workers livelihoods or the environment. Diamonds are still mined in unsafe, violent, and unhealthy ways.

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Most diamond mines use methods that harm communities: including destroying towns/neighborhoods and employing child laborers. Around 1000000 diamond miners in Africa have a salary varies from 7 cents to 80 cents per day, as a result many workers are perishing in the process and juvenile employment is increasing. The unreal salary is ay below the worlds breadline therefore primary needs such as hygiene , running water, shelter, and food are increasingly uncommon things. As well as in strong nations diamond mining areas are very poor. Although diamonds cost huge amounts it is a shock that diamond miners are some of the most poverty stricken humans in the world. Minimum wages and labor standards rarely exist in poorer areas and if they do exist they are rarely followed, people have no choice but to work, because if they choose to confront mine owners they could face severe consequences, such as: unemployment, violent acts from the leaders of the mines, and even death. The majority of these mines are private and do not have access to global markets which limits their sales and their business.

These companies often sell their gems illegally in worldwide black markets, and their gems are called Blood Diamonds.

Safety and health

Diamond workers are not just paid very low they also work in exceedingly unsafe circumstances. Small- scale diamond mining is usually done with no practice, coaching or guidance. Miners also have a huge shortage of proper tools and all safety equipment for example: helmets and harnesses when necessary. Miners can also easily die from mudslides, rockfall and many other terrible things. Diamond mining is also extremely unhealthy and adds on to the many local hygiene problems. Diseases created created by the mines due to environmental poblems are another huge problem. Mainly in Sierra Leone mine pit that we’re filled with water from rain attracted bugs which then created the deadly disease “malaria”.

Child labor

Children are usually hired to work in these mines because they are usually seen as an easy way to gain cheap labor. In many places in Africa children workers range from the ages of 5 to 16 making up of a small part of the work force. For the children that work in these mines life is far from easy, often working six to seven days a week, and earn less than half of what an adult would. As they are still kids they are extremely vulnerable to injuries and accidents. Their work usually consists of carrying heavy bags of gravel and digging with heavy shovels, these very challenging tasks can often leave them injured and in pain. Many of these young miners do not attend school giving them very small chances of a better life.

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