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Major Causes Of Suicides: Bio Psychosocial, Environmental, And Sociocultural Condition

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Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life. There are numbers of people have been taking their lives in each and every year and adults are in high rate of such behavior. The article “American foundation for suicide” stated that high school students who are in grade 9 to 12 at least experienced once in committing suicides. Those people who commit suicides view that taking their own life is only the way helping them to get away from intents paints. They tend to have no others better options for a better situation. Suicidal behaviors are committed by people in every nation without any form of discrimination. Having suicidal thought, the best choice that comes to people’s mind in the situation is to stop everything in that step. Questions is always asked on why people do commit suicide is very common when there are any cases happen. There are always certain reasons behind why people kill themselves. They are definitely facing various problems in their daily lives which they find the problems are impossible to be solved. It is always hard for those to find the reasons to go on living their life anymore. Suicide involves three major causes: bio psychosocial, environmental, and sociocultural condition.

Firstly, bio psychosocial conditions causes are one of the main reasons for most of suicide and attempted suicide. In the article “Bio psychosocial model” it is considered as disease outcome to the interaction of biological factor (genetic, biochemical) and psychological factors (family, personal problems). It is common that life of every people is always up and down so that those tend to have as maintain various different story and memory. A person’s biological involve with around environments and others events factors of lives are the sources leading into psychological process. This process leads into mental health issue and to suicidal behavior. If the life events are bad for human, it can really lead to development of mental issue which seriously leads to suicidal thought because the process is reach to a cognitive level which makes people feel and think too much about the present, the past that cannot be changed, and especially the future that not yet happened. In addition, specific Temperament Types leads suicides. Those adolescents that have negativistic temperament type are considered in a group of those having high level of negative mood in other words they are stressors. Therefore, depressions and anxieties cause the bio psychosocial in such individual and lead them to commit suicides.

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The second sensitive cause leading the risk of suicide is environmental conditions due to stressful life of human being. Tracy (2016) writes in her article “Why do teens commit suicide? Causes of teen commit suicide,” that emotional causes suicidal thought is usually driven by the situations around. In every person’s life, there is always obstacle along the way. At the same time, it becomes a normal thing already for those having strong ideal for living in this tough world. On the other hand, lots of people sometimes can event be able safe their own life because of the failure, sadness and the unfair stages of life that they have involved with. In particular, persons might experience in losing their beloved persons in their families. Also, it happen for people experiencing in social loss such the losing of valuable relationship that they take it already for granted. Coming to losing such things that they used to enjoy with make them feel almost have no even a better reasons to live for. There a data indicated that rates of mortality of suicides (death per 100,000 in a population) are causes by social factors. In addition, it even clearly shows that those taking their lives having reasons related to unemployment and divorcing. It is actually not easy for them to confront the feeling of unworthy or the feeling of losing what they used to have. Furthermore, according to Kahn (2016) in his article “suicide and suicidal behavior,” that people one experienced in facing sexual harassment, physical abuse are likely to commit suicides. Those people tend to feel that they are unworthy and being discriminated by the society. It is clear that related cases mentioned above are factors pushing the increasing of death due to suicidal behavior.

Finally, sociocultural condition is also one of the causes that people choose to take their own lives. The article Reiss & Dombeck (2007) “becoming suicidal: Sociocultural contributions,” states that the sociocultural factors affecting suicidal behavior operate at many different levels. Mainly, family, community and countries become somewhere stressful for such group of individuals. These persons also try to solve of their own, yet they find no support from people around so that is suicides are considered the last choice for them to escape from the difficulties that they cannot bear with. Moreover, countries always have beliefs, religious, social norms of their own. There are norm which clearly rule on how people should or should not act in church. However, those concepts as the perspective could really make people of its nation affected by. Not only can that social change influence suicidal thoughts. In particular, political can increase suicide rate such as civil war in Sri Lanka lead lots of its people commit suicides. Not everyone is satisfied with what they are born to have in the societies; they are likely want to have the differences so that differences are not accepted by the people around and the society as the whole. For instance, adult living in a sexual orientation community are in group of those taking their own lives. These are in types of gay; lesbian and may only have sexual contact with opposite sex or even both. The survey shows that 46 percent of youth living under sexual orientation community deeply feel unaccepted from both surrounded environment and family so that those tend to be in high rate of attempting suicides.

Suicides can really provide bad impacts into societies and people in the families members. According to Pearson (2016), in “Suicide Has Ripple Effect on Families, communities, societies,” writes that 800,000 people die in every year in the reason of suicides.

The World Health Organization indicates that data equal to one death in every 40 seconds. Moreover, it is known that suicide can affect to everyone so that it become the 10th leading cause killing people all over the world and the second causes killing youth having ages less than 24. By taking this way, people think that they can hide themselves from pain, but at the same times such practical behavior become bad modal for others people around. There are 42,000 people die in every year in the United States because of committing suicides; in others words a case of suicide occur in every 12, 3 minutes. In addition, family’s members can be really affected by when there are any members of them commit suicide. Feeling of losing beloved one is always hard to be described already; it is even harder when the beloved ones die because of suicidal thoughts. The family members tend to feel that all are their fault that cannot prevent the persons from the suicides; especially they feel guilty making their beloved ones feel unloved. Those family having people commit suicides are likely to face their own mental health which leads them to take their lives. In article, “committing suicide increase family, friends’ risk of attempting suicide by 65%” Scutti (2016) explains that 65% of friends or families members left buy their loved one die by suicide tend to take their own lives as well. Such people are more likely to have suicidal thought because of the bad event as the memory is always kept in their mind.

All in all, suicide is like a cancer happening for people all around the world by the three main causes which all ages of people should be aware of. Problems developed in human being in a bio psychological ways connected with the biological and psychological process, the bad experiences in one’s life, and the feeling of unaccepted from the society make numerous of people die by suicidal thought. Each and every case of suicidal behavior always badly spread negative impact to both the whole societies and the family members. This reason rise such a very high number of people died from year to year. Once, when family members lose beloved ones; they are likely in a very high risk of suicides as well. Therefore, there should be much better attention paid on these problems from every society from both the individual and the government in every single country, especially World Health Organization in preventing people from taking their lives. If the issues is ignore, the bigger problem regarding to suicidal behaviors will be increased in a surprising data and even more people will die in a pretty bad surprising data.


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