Major Determinants in My Choice of Studying Engineering

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My mind has always been a curious kind, simple questions I asked as a child would remain unanswered. As a result, this developed a fascination in me to seek explanations which made me probe further into studying mathematics and science at A-level. Engineering has a unique ability to establish an arithmetic scenario and break it down completely into a satisfactory conclusion with a clear answer. Few fields grant me access to those answers; here my interest for the world of engineering was born. A major determinant in my choice of studying Engineering is the application of problem-solving processes to transform lives around the world and benefit humanity, while also considering the economic and environmental factors. Providing solutions for problems that civilizations around the world face such as lack of infrastructure and global climate change are the driving force behind my interest.

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I enjoy developing my problem-solving skills and applying concepts outside the classroom to real-life scenarios. Studying applied maths has provided me with a platform to develop my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I enjoy all aspects of science as it provides me with knowledge and a supply of logical reasoning to many of the questions about the world we live in. For instance, studying biology has made me empathetic towards life and aware of key environmental issues. This degree will allow me to contribute effectively to a greener environment with a minimal effect on the ecosystems as various advancements are made in technology. I'm an avid reader of both National Geographic and New Scientist; a recent article that intrigued me was 'what Darwin did not know about evolution'.

I was fortunate to secure a place in the Engineering Education Scheme, where I obtained a CREST gold award. I was tasked to complete a real-life design of key components of the Solihull Motorway service area on the M42. The experience intensified my passion because I had contributed to society by working on a project which has the potential to improve my local county. By participating in the scheme I gained a realistic introduction to civil engineering by enhancing my project management, report writing, and presentation skills.

I committed to attend a regular meeting with team members and fitted work required for the project outside my study commitments. A degree level project introduced me to various design and mapping techniques. Writing a technical report was a challenging and fulfilling experience. I attended a placement at a manufacturing workshop; I produced a representative prototype to demonstrate my ideas. I assessed the positives and negatives of various designs and decisively chose the most suitable for the proposed area. A vital part of the task was to demonstrate independence in terms of research along with team work skills when incorporating and bringing different ideas together.

During my school year, I have continued high academic standards while being able to hold various positions of authority. Over the past year, I have taken the time to assist the teachers in extra maths and physics sessions. I had to communicate effectively while engaging the students in lessons. I carried many responsibilities when volunteering for six weeks at a resource center. I was in charge of a diverse group of people with varying disabilities which strengthened my confidence and leadership skills. While volunteering as a counselor, I was often met with dilemmas that needed to be resolved with logical thinking and reasoning.

My participation in book clubs allows me the freedom to voice my opinion. I enjoy soduku in my free time and assumed an active role in the LGBT youth network. I've started Ju-Jitsu classes requiring long-term determination and patience. Visual art inspires me to create and not to simply recreate. I believe my creativity and enthusiasm will put me amongst the most suitable candidates for this degree as I will approach any task with single-minded focus and a strong work ethic which is what I feel is required for this field of profession.

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