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Values for me are important to have which I want to possess also which I want to pass to my nearer and dearer ones. Values are important ingredients that help the person guiding him in the right direction.Family feeling is one such value that I value most. I belong to the joint family and being part of that atmosphere made me realize the importance of family. During my time back home whenever any worst situation happens the entire family member get together so that the situation can be handled with care. Not also by living in the family made me realize the importance of family feeling, but also my parents taught me the importance being in the family. Even right now I am in Canada to be away from family also made me realize the importance of being the part of the family.

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Punctuality is one such value which I learned when I was insurance agent back in my India. When, I joined the New India Assurance Company that time new biometric system got installed in the office. My office hours were 9am to 5pm. When, I started going to my office, I often arrived at around 9:15 am. At the end of the month when the day of salary came I received half salary my boss explained to me that the biometric attendance system doesn’t put attendance after 9 am that’s why I received half salary. From that time, I realized the value of time and punctuality after that, I always remained punctual this also helped me in Canada.Hard work is one value that I acquired from being a failure.

At the end of post-secondary education, my board exams were near about 3 months before, that my school took a pre-board exam to check the where all students rank. In the end, when the results get declared I failed in my math exam. That day I cried a lot because this was the first time I got failed in any course but my parents helped me from coming from this situation they told me if you work hard you will definitely score well in your future. From that day I worked hard and when the board exam result came I scored 80 marks in math. By being a failure I learned the importance of hard work also by looking at my parents how hard they work in their job I learned the real value of hard work.

One value that I acquire when I was working in the company was customer satisfaction. One time one of my clients suffered a car accident and just before a couple of days, I did insurance. When I got there for his claim he thanked me as he doesn’t want to cover it first after that I feel so relaxed and this made me realize there are more important things than money in the life.Even now I want to grasp more value like to decision-making, solving problem, teamwork and many more. I think I can absorb them in Canada by working and studying also by observing others.

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