Male and Female Roles in Society

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What is a role? A role is a function that a person plays in a certain place or situation. So, what role do I represent, or what role do I perform? Where do I start? Because I am a woman, daughter, mother, a wife, and they all represent gender roles. And am also a student (cultural role). Not to mention that I am also a friend, a volunteer, and a next-door neighbor that I can go to talk just about anything (social role). Women in today’s society are an example of intelligence and strength, which reflects the ability to overcome adversity.

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My everyday life starts with my role as a housewife. I get up every morning, make coffee for my husband and me while we watch the morning news before he gets out for work. We talk about the traffic, the weather, and I encourage him to drive safely as he leaves the house. Then it is time to wake up the kids, and I take on a different role; the role of a mother. My role as a mother is being a guide for my children, help them to become independent, and encourage them to be good citizens. After they leave the house to go to school, I start my role as a student. I take online classes besides doing all the housework that comes with the responsibilities of being a housewife.

We all play different roles, each one dependent on its surroundings. I will not act the same around my kids as I will respond when I am taking a lesson in college. However, each role is important because they are part of my life. Roles are necessary tools for all human communities. They are ways of coordinating cooperation, knowledge about appropriate and effective ways to interact with each other in different situations.

The way I see others perform in everyday life? I have to talk about my 12-year old girl. She is a girl, a daughter, and a sister (gender roles). She is also a boxer and a ballerina dancer (cultural role). Not only that, but she is also a friend and a student (social role).

Gender has traditionally been defined as feminine and masculine. Gender roles are the behaviors that society has created to identify people as feminine or masculine. The female gender has been associated with women and the male gender with men. However, this does not mean that all women are or should be feminine, and all men should be masculine. The fact that is has been traditionally considered that way does not mean that it is true or that it has to be so.

My daughter does not have a problem showing her feminine side wearing a pink leotard with pink tights and, of course, pink ballet shoes. She wears this outfit for her ballet class, feeling confident. She shows the same confidence when she is in the boxing gym, wearing something completely different. She uses black hand wraps and pink boxing gloves. The fact that she has to perform two different traditionally defined roles does not seem to bother her. She is an A student, and according to her friends, she is the best friend anyone could ask for.

Roles make us have a place in society. Since we are born until the day, we die we fulfill male and female roles in society, whether man, woman, teacher, or a citizen of a country. Moreover, roles help us to help others contributing to our areas, and complementing a society.   

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