Male Privilege as the Reason Why Females Should not Play Male Sports

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In society, issues of privilege and gender has always been common for centuries. Male privilege has always been a problem for centuries, but it was never really talked about until Peggy McIntosh wrote a paper called “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies” back in 1988. Male privilege is a part of sociology in which men get treated differently than everyone based on their economic, social, and political status or rights. The women’s liberation movement which was emerged in the late 1960’s focused on the privileges and rights of men and how their power in society affects several lives including the lives of women. Women used to be seen as objects or housewives that had to stay home and take care of their children. Women were not allowed to work or have an education. Throughout all these years, male privilege continues to be a huge issue because men still get treated differently than women.

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Men continue to have several privileges in today's society. For example, one of the several of privileges that men have and that I have experienced myself is when I would sometimes raise my hand in class and get called on by the teacher instead of girls that rose their hand. I also noticed that teachers would usually pick on boys first instead of girls when they would sometimes ask a question to the class and chose a random person to answer a question. According to, another privilege that men have is that when they are younger in high school, they have the advantages of using all the school's resources and are able to play any sports without having problems while women are always pushed with the explanations of why females should not play male sports. Females do not have this privilege because sports such as basketball, football, or baseball are usually known as sports played by men. Throughout time, some schools have been allowing females to participate in these sports by making female only activities. Even though females are allowed to participate in some of these sports, society still does not look at sports as being something played by both genders, and focuses mostly on men.

Men have tons of privileges, but one of the biggest privileges men continue to have today is that men are getting paid more than women for doing the same job. According to the Pew Research Center’s article “The Narrowing, But Persistent, Gender Gap in Pay”, the gap in pay for both genders has decreased since 1980, but it has been stable for the last 15 years. According to the article, in 2018 females earned 85% of what males were earning at that time. The article also states that it could even take up to 39 days for females to match earnings to males. When it comes to having the same exact degree, job title, or job duties, men always seem to get paid more than women. When men apply for jobs or a promotion, men will usually be offered more pay than women. This has always been common in society and still happens to be a problem today. I believe that both genders should get paid the same amount if they are given the same jobs or tasks because it does not seem right for one gender to earn more than the other gender when both work as hard.

Men also have the privilege of paying less for services or products. According to, men usually will get a better price and better offers than women when purchasing a new car. According to researchers, women will usually get charged more than men at the dealership and repair shop. In some cases, women paid around 40 percent more than a man would pay for a repair. Several women paid an average of $405 to replace a radiator, whereas a man would pay around $380. This shows that women get taken advantage of by all these dealerships and repair shops without them even knowing.

Another privilege that men have is that men do not have the pressure to bear a child. According to, men are also not expected to raise their children and stay in the household to maintain them all day. Society has always seen women as the one gender that stays home and takes care of their children, whereas the men have to work and provide everything for the family. According to the article “Subduing an Ancient Beast The Male Privilege Factor” by Angus L., there is a line that says “The challenge with addressing male privilege lies precisely with its pervasiveness, which evinces this phenomenon as having been accepted as normal for too long”. Things such as men not having to be the ones responsible for taking care of their children at home has always been seen as a normal thing, but it should be both genders working hard to provide for their families.

Throughout all history, men have always been seen as the superior gender. Men have always had several privileges such as being able to play sports without being judged by society, getting paid more than women for doing the same job, getting charged less for services, etc. According to New York Times, Charles M. Blow believes that “every man must become a feminist.” I completely agree with that statement and believe that men should work as hard as women to make sure there is gender equality.

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