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It's safe to say that Maleficent is more than just a children's movie or a fairytale since it explores all the dark sides of our turbulent times that will always ... remain relevant. Starting with your Maleficent review essay, remember that you should explain the motivations of the main characters and talk about how both good and evil can be way more than it seems. There are many adult subjects that are being brought up, which is why you can either take a philosophical approach or discuss how the movie talks about the hope that’s still there for this world. We have a great selection of free essays on the Maleficent movie, which will be of great help as you structure your thoughts and take notes or quotes from the actual movie.


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Major Characters

The main characters in maleficent are Maleficent, Aurora, King Stefani, Diaval, Knotgrass, and Thistlewit. Maleficent falls under the deceit of love.

Based on

The story was inspired by the 1959 animation ‘Sleeping Beauty.’


The Moors represent Maleficent’s emotions – kindness, love, and betrayal. Her wings are her main symbol but Stefan cuts them. The Spinning wheel represents challenges and dangers younger women have to go through to make it in life. True love is another key symbol.


Maleficent is a vibrant fairy living a humbled life in a land called Moor. In her adulthood, she develops a curiosity to explore. At this time, she is stumbled upon by Stefan. Although she is a fairy, Maleficent goes against fairy rules and falls in love with a human who breaks her heart.


Angelina Jolie plays the role of Maleficent. She is a pretty young girl living a humbled life deep in the forest. An army invades her forest kingdom and she takes the role of her kingdom protector. Her human lover betrays her which makes her develop a hardened heart. She later engages in battle with the Kingdom’s successor. She develops anger and curses Aurora her daughter. She later realizes Aurora is the answer to the kingdom’s peace and heals her.

Why is this topic important

Maleficent teaches a lesson on how complicated evil and good deeds can be. It teaches how easily humans can follow evil ways due to deep frustrations that are beyond them. Although good humans can be hurt by others, forgiveness should be prioritized.

Main Ideas

Maleficent’s main idea is about forgiveness. Her heart was broken by the king which made her live a life of anger, bitterness, and revenge. Later in life, she had to forgive herself for living a life of anger and hatred. She had to forgive the king and ask Aurora to forgive her.

Key Quotes
  • Diaval: “I cannot make it without you, Diaval. Kindly assist me, Diaval.”
  • Maleficent: “There is no power on earth that can change it.”
  • King Henry: “A king never takes orders from a winged she-elf.”
Interesting facts

Maleficent is derived from Latin which means evil doing. The costume worn by queen Ingrith was inspired by a Baroque painting. Eleanor Audeley voiced the Maleficent animation. She has also voiced Lady Tremaine in the Cinderella animation as the evil stepmother.

Why should this topic be used

Maleficent has a good heart and shows empathy although she possesses great magic powers. She has mixed emotions but she is always able to come to her senses and show empathy.

Arguments for

Maleficent proclaimed herself Mistress of all Evil and believes she can never be defeated. Although she was offended by not getting an invitation to Aurora’s Christening, she denies taking offense. Maleficent is a manipulative beauty. She manipulated Aurora into the spindle.

Arguments against

Maleficent is in terrible inner conflict with Stefan which leads him to steal her wings. Her inner conflicts don’t end there. She cursed her daughter seeking revenge but later begins to regret it. She watches her grow and she cannot stand to see her suffer under the curse. She suffered mental illness due to trauma after her most treasured part – her wings were taken away.

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