Malnutrition Problems and Ilnesses in Guatemala

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The diet problems of Guatemala are that the people have nutritional conditions is vitamin B12, diabetes and high blood glucose. The percentage of total deaths with all ages of people for nutritional conditions is 34%, diabetes from age 30 – 69 the number of deaths for males is 750 and for females is 890 From age 70 plus the number of deaths of diabetes for males is 760 and the death for females is 1150. For high blood glucose the age of 30 – 69 the deaths for males is 1070 and for females is 1230. For age 70 plus the number of deaths for high blood glucose for males is 980 and for females is 1610. The percentage of overweight people for males is 43.1% and for females is 52.1% and for obesity for males is 43.1% and for females is 21.2%.

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Deficiency most common malnutrition problem in Guatemala and also the problem in Guatemala is also about life span with male and females, the cause of low animal source food, low maternal stores during pregnancy and lactation and breast milk with low in vitamin B12.

The cause of having low in Vitamin B12 is that in Guatemala is because they are low in animal products for example Milk for the calcium they need.

The problem when lacking Vitamin B12 is that it will cause constipation, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and gas. Vitamin can also cause Nerve problems such as numbness or tingling feeling in the Nerve, without Vitamin B12 it will also cause muscle weakening and problems with walking. Vitamin B12 will also cause vision loss, mental problems like depression, memory loss and behavioural changes. Lastly, when you lack vitamin b12 you are unable to produce red blood cells this will lead to people feeling tired and weak.To solve this problem people in Guatemala needs to have change their diet that means it is to include Vitamin B12 grains, a supplement or to get a vitamin B12 injection or you may do a high dose oral vitamin B12 if you are lacking a lot of vitamin B12.

For older adults who lack in Vitamin, B12 will likely have to take a daily Vitamin B12 supplement or a multivitamin that contains Vitamin B12 in it.

In conclusion, I have found out the people in Guatemala a lot of people are lacking in vitamin B12 and that they will feel weak and tired. For them to have better health, people should start eating and drinking more animal products.    

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