Management in Hospital Pharmacy Practice

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As a critical part of good health services hospital pharmacy as unit of integral health system is concerned to deliver safe, effective, quality personal and non-personal health intervention. Qualification workforce, practice guide, well function health information, good health financing and governance are the elements for achieve this goal.

Hospital Pharmacy Procurement And Supply (hospital pharmacy store) is the Malaysian guidelines standards for hospital pharmacy. Hospital pharmacy is main facility in hospital where the purchase, store, and disrepute of the pharmaceutical, medication and surgical inventories is proceeded.

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Pharmacists in hospital pharmacy are the experts who are responsible for advice, preparing, and dispensing medication and ensure of arability, store, and inventory control and quality assurance. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”, the mission of pharmacy practice is to contribute to health improvement and to help patients with health problems to make the best use of their medicines. Over the past few decades the pharmacist mission dramatically evolved from focus on medication which is the convention practice to focus on patient health which critical in health improvement.

The job of compound and supply the medications took step further to ensure of adequate, efficiency and safety of medications, that unique contribution make better outcome as well as better patient-life, that change the term of pharmacist mission to pharmaceutical – care.

To achieve that exceptional role pharmacist should be a caregiver, communicator, decision-maker, teacher, life-long learner, leader and manger or in another words seven star pharmacist Historical, management that we know today is acutely born between 1700s to 1800s during industrial revolution when the people moving from farm to factory from small business to big companies.

Main change happened when hand power replaced by steam power and people start to work in big groups, organizes this societies necessitate innovate new method to manage the new situation, three main classical theory in management were born and make the base of modern management science which we know today.

Bureaucracy theory by Max Weber organizational form based on defined hierarchy of authority and a system of rules, and he describe three type legitimate authority:

  1. Legal authority definite by rules
  2. Traditional authority
  3. Charismatic authority.

The Scientific Management School by F W Taylor which focus on tasks and the time of achieving this tasks after break the tasks to steps and standardize this steps.

Administrative Theory by Henri Fayol which refers to it they are five function of management:

  1. palning
  2. Organizing
  3. Staffing
  4. Directing
  5. Controlling, and 14 principles of management.

Holy Quran and Sunnah presents Allah will that all Muslims shall follow this instruction in their lives, this method called shariah.

Allah sent shriah for instruct the humanity life’s for all good to them as individuals and communities and appear clearly in five proposes and objectives of shariah (al-maqasid al-shriah) or al-maqasid al-khamsah: protection of religion (hifz Ad-Din), protection of life (hifz aln-nafs), protection of mind (hifz al-aqal), protection of progeny (hifz alnasl) and protection of wealth (hifz al-maal). this goals of shiarh.

Muslims awareness of practice Islam in life has brought them to realize the value of following the shariah. This concern has generate the desire for products and services in accordance with on shariah.

A shariah compliant Healthcare services which have the forecast and plan, organize, command or direct, coordinate and control requirements that complies to the shariah standard in entirety. SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) has developed a general Shari’ah based Quality Management System. The MS 1900:2014 guidelines provide general instruction towards implementing a Shari’ah based quality management system.

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