Managing for Organizational Integrity: Key Issues

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In ethics, integrity is considered as the honesty and trueness or exactness of one’s actions. Integrity is how somebody chooses his/her way out of all available choices on the basis of conscience. In our life, we face choices that only we are liable to answer. The way how we chose our paths, the choices we make, the way we run them defines us. Integrity is doing the right versus the wrong according to our perspective. Integrity means being honest with ourselves and being true, and apt in our dealings with people. When the integrity guides us, our words and thoughts are parallel with each other; our actions get to align with our moral principles.

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Integrity for me depends on three core values:

Firstly, do the right thing. It states that we are expected to demonstrate high ethical standards at personal, academic and professional levels Integrity is always trying to do the right thing, the first time and also every time. It means identifying right from wrong and understanding the ethical implications of our paths. It includes saying openly that we are taking action on that particular understanding, even if our opinion or advice is unpopular among others. It also states giving credit to those who deserve it irrespective of our likes and dislikes, admitting our errors and turning them into learning chances. We meet our commitments, take a stand when we see that things are not going our way, and ask for help when we are in uncertainty.

Secondly, treat people right. I believe we should treat each other with respect and dignity. We should work towards creating an environment of mutual trust in which diversity and inclusions are valued. People give their best when the culture around them is of trust and respect. We should strive to ensure that the work environment in which we all work everyday upholds the personal dignity of each individual.

Thirdly, get it right. I believe that our actions must be driven by our best judgment, guided by our principles. It isn’t always easy to know what the right thing is. We should be straightforward and honest in our professional, personal and academic relationships. That means that we are needed to operate within both the letter and the spirit of all applicable rules as well as within business and academic etiquette standards as they exist in all of our environments.

There have been many circumstances where we have to display integrity at the workplace. We work in a team of 4-5 people for any particular project. Often, we have to work in parallel to meet the timelines and our work is related and inter-dependent to everyone’s deliverables. So we as a team share each type of circumstances whether they are peaks or valleys.

Purdue should expect from a student that they should cherish the values that Purdue has been set for years. Students should be true to themselves, their fellow students and to their Professors. If anything is not up to the mark than the consequences should be according to the level at which ethical standards are not being matched. Students should also accept the consequences patiently and they must not be repeated again in future.

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