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Manners and Why They Matter

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We are talking about the importance of being Earnest and the one thing from it that we are talking about is manners. Some ask are manners important some people even say it is not important. For the most part manners are important they show your good and gentle side. It is like you opening new doors for yourself to new opportunities. While we are on the subject let us talk about some examples of how manners could help you.

One example could be opening the door for an old lady. Maybe you will think yea i’ll never see that lady again but she might see you on the side of the road with a flat tire and think hey i remember him he was kind enough to open a door for me that one time. After that she may stop and ask if you need a ride to a mechanic out of the kindness and respect of her heart. It is being courteous with manners that can help you later. So in my opinion yes manners would be important. In some instances it is rare that manners are not important but i can not think of a time where they have not been important to me. Now examples of manners not being important is when someone beats you to the punch. When that happens they are not really as important cuz it just means that they are just trying to show off that they have better manners than you do which is not really possible. There is a thing such as being too nice to people because they would end up getting annoyed. That and maybe other times you’ll know if manners are necessary it just basic common sense really no one said it was rocket science. I mean seriously if you see a dog scratching a store front door are you gonna think oh where are my manners and open the door for the dog, no because that is just is just silly the store keeper or cashier would probably hit you with a broom instead. Now sometimes being well mannered can get you into some trouble. An example of this can be well put together if you think about it. Say a pretty women or girl who is a most wanted criminal and you don’t know about it cuz your at work in a jewelry shop and you have to watch the world’s finest cut diamond and the pretty women charms you and you open the door for her yes and then she may ask you see or hold the diamond. You might tell her no i’m sorry I can’t allow that it is store policy.

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Then she might act like she likes you or she may kiss your cheek and you would think huh well it would be rude not to let this pretty women to look and observe i mean it’s only being a gentlemen. Next thing you know she is gone out the door the second you hand it to her. Not that, that could really happen in real life but it is a way of saying that you should be careful who you show manners to. You never know how it might end up. Who knows maybe it is an alien you hold the door for or a zombie that is just really clean and really smart. Heh but not really just seriously watch who you open the door for don’t stare because that would be rude don’t point either. . Manners can be shown in many different ways no matter your doing almost no matter what. So now that we have talked about manners and how they can be important and cant be important. I hope what i typed helps you in the future.


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