Mark & Spencer Company’s Development in the Social, Environmental, and Economic Parts

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Mark & Spencer (M&S), is an international company, based in England, Europe. It mainly sells foods, clothing and home, and other retailing products. Their mission is to offering their customers good value, high-quality products and services. They are running a sustainable project called, the Plan A 2025 (M&S, 2018), which is a project to making a balance of the company itself, social, and the environment for the future until 2025. In the following part, it would analyze the sustainability of M&S by the Triple Bottom Line. In the economic part, they focused on the sustainable development of farms. To be the sustainable food factories, their goal is to achieve the Silver level (SAI Platform, 2018)in 2020 and Gold level (SAI Platform, 2018) in 2025.

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In April 2018, the number of the Silver level suppliers providing the M&S products had increased by 7% than 2017(M&S, 2018). The increasing proportion shows the activeness of M&S to achieve their goal. So that, this showed the economic part of plans done by M&S are tends to sustainable. In the environmental part, they focused on the environmentally friendly. Improving the international energy efficiency is one of the main programmes M&S focused on. In company aspect, it gains the lower cost of energy using; In the environmental aspect, it reflected the lower energy usage, the better environment for the future is building. Refer to Appendix 1, the total energy usage of international stores or warehouse have the decreasing usage by year, especially the internationally-located warehouses, the actual usage of 2016/17 has been excessively achieved the 2020 target. Zero Landfill is one of their programmes is successfully achieved compared to the data from the past. Refer to the appendix 2, the total wastes have been decreased by year. Started from 2016/17, there has zero landfills and 100% to be recycled. So that, these showed the environmental responsibilities done by the M&S are sustainable. In the social part, they focused on the diversity of labour and volunteering.

In the level of diversity of employee, M&S has given the data to show the increasing of each region, especially in women, and the minor workforce group. Refer to the appendix 3, it showed the comparison of 2017 and 2018, the number of 2018 to each region M&S mainly focused are increased. A big project of volunteering has begun from 2017, in the passing year, M&S is not mainly focusing on the development of volunteer, the community events were provided in the past are minor of their development. M&S provided at least 30,000 hours of work-time volunteering in 2017/18(M&S, 2018), running different community supporting events to helping the UK residents.

So that, these showed the social part of plans done by M&S are tends to sustainable. In conclusion, these factors have been analyzed shown that the M&S will get-on a well- planned planning for their future development in the social, environmental, and economic parts step-by-step. They have achieved some programmes and planned to demonstrate and show their goals are effective and sustainable. So that M&S is in a sustainable company nowadays.

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