Market Place as Medium for Social Interaction and Economic Revitalisation

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Have you ever found yourself in a place irrespective of you live near that place of not but you are able to comprehend with it. Every place has its own culture, text, language or emotional reaction towards the user which is its way to communicate. This is the feature that is common in any kind of space that it is able to interact with people in its own way which becomes an identity of that area.

Market is a place where people gather around to purchase or to sell or to provide livestock and other commodities. Any marketplace is the centre for anyone who wants to see life in a city. Market places such as Connaught Place in Delhi or Khal-al-Khalil in Egypt are the essence of the city, they give the taste of culture of that city. They define what city is about. Markets are not just important but vital part of any city for it to survive and advertise what city has to offer.

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Markets places are vital to any city of locality around it but at the same hand it is important that the market can grow simultaneously with the city. Nowadays every market is not able to grow to its very calibre and becomes a mundane shopping place. As my study area is Noida the market places here are stereotyped according to what one thing it is able to advertise properly. This is because of the kind of space it is planned around giving provision for only the commercial agenda while not thinking about the calibre it has.

Effective space use in urban markets is a key element in their success as it directly or indirectly influences the cost, advertising, social interaction and economics of operation therein. If the planning of market is done considering the way the people are of any locality or what actually the demand of that area is then the market place cannot just flourish but can also bring out people to interact making that place safer, enjoyable and much more economically strong.

Design Methodology and Approach:

Through this research study about market place I would like to address the problem of space use to ensure effective functionality of the market, it intends to devise a model of solving conflict in space use by exploring design, circulation and management interventions. Well-designed spaces accrue many benefits such as security, higher economic returns, better legibility and reduced congestion hence better market functionality.


In the process of accessing and evaluating the problems and solution to be proposed I would be using both primary and secondary data. It will include use of questionnaires, interviews, mapping, photography, observation and conduction of literature review as methods of data collection which would be then presented in the form of charts, tables, photos and maps.

Defining the parameter would be the first step to judge the situation of the market which would be as follows:

  • Perspective of the seller in a market place
  • User diving them in different age groups
  • Affected people
  • Perspective of local hawkers
  • Women security
  • Transport people near market
  • Local and everyday users


  • Issues with the services
  • Fault in space planning
  • Likes and dislikes about the market place
  • Issue with the advertising
  • Complimentary perks of redesigning or retrofitting the place

Practical Implication:

  • To stop uneven Customer flow making certain parts of the market to decay.
  • To finish the space constrains and advertisement problem
  • To increase security and cleanliness for pedestrians
  • To finish encroachments by shop keepers
  • To increase comfortable sitting space for people
  • To provide place for local vendors within market for holistic growth of the community
  • To look for better circulation ways and parking facilities
  • Stalls redesigning
  • To look for better working type for market( open air or closed )
  • To provide space for festival market
  • To look is space can be used for some other purpose in off hours.

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