Marketing Management on the Example of the Store "Clare’s Chocolates"

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  • Clare’s Chocolates micro and macro environment
  • Political
    Social (including demographical)
  • Choosing suppliers
  • Assessing competitors

Marketing concepts is a management philosophy according to which a company’s goals can be best achieved through identification and satisfaction of the customers' stated and unstated needs and wants. Key characteristics of the marketing concept·Customer centre of all activities. The businesses main goal is to attract as many customers as possible, all the companies’ activities are based around that point.·

Goals achieved through customer satisfactions. The companies do researches to find what is popular at that time and if that would suit their customers. This helps the organisation to gain more profit and more customers who will be more than happy to come back. Your business can be in total success if only you have satisfied customers.

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In my town, where I grew up, we have a lot of small shopping centres but one of them is the most preferable by customers our days. This shopping centre call “XL Sala” and it was one of the oldest centres. Thereby when new shopping centres were built “XL Sala” began to lose their customers. Therefore they needed to do something because the shopping centre was nearly bankrupt. So one day, everywhere in the town appeared the posters and people were distributing the leaflets about this centre that now they have a great opportunity for families with kids. The thing was that they opened a kids soft play for free of charge but with condition that you are doing all your shopping in their shopping centre. Alternatively if the kids don’t want to stay in soft play, the centre opened extra tills in each shop whose customers were with kids only. In this way parents could enjoy their shopping and not to hurry. Plus at the entrance every day you could see different Disney characters who promoted the soft play to customers. I think it was a great marketing idea as now it’s a number 1 shopping centre in our small town.

Clare’s Chocolates micro and macro environment

Macro - external and uncontrollable factors that influence an organization's decision making and affect its performance and strategies. These factors are economical, demographical, political, social, technological and natural forces.·


Brexit for example as we don’t know yet how it’s going to affect every company.Another thing is sugar tax as it’s controlled by Central Bank of England. Same as Clare’s Chocolates have to count with Legislations such as training of stuff and changes in an employment laws in UK.·


We can’t control the weather in Africa where was too dry and disease as frosty pod which has attacked around 40 percent of global cocoa production which caused the inflation, changes in interest rates and price raise on raw materials and the same time a demand for chocolate is growing.·

Social (including demographical)

Growing café culture in the UK which gave Clare’s Chocolate to enlarge their business because people choose a quiet café as a meeting place and then they use word-of-mouth experience. Life style changes, people our days prefer to drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate rather than alcohol while having their lunch, people start to exercise more and eat a healthier food. The people tastes get changed over the years so company have to offer a new things. The events like festivals in Edinburgh will bring more customers, more tourists as it’s a big city so the Clare’s chocolate need to produce something like souvenirs. Clare’s chocolates should be adaptable to the seasonal fetes such as St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas, producing some specific kind of chocolate as heart or Christmas tree shaped. The very important thing is where the café is based, what age group is visiting the place, gender so you can analyse and offer the appropriate product.·


Our days you have to use a lot of social media to promote your company such as Facebook, Twitter, magazines, online web-page, online booking should be available and delivery through the post. You have to keep your web-site up to date and regularly contribute any innovations and sales to attract more customers. Micro – internal and partly controllable factors such as customers, suppliers, competitors and distributors that have a direct influence on the organisation.

Choosing suppliers

For Clare’s Chocolate it could be no chocolate available in the next 6 years because of the weather in West Africa is too dry, where more than 70 percent of the world’s cocoa is produced and a disease known as frosty pod, which has attacked perhaps 40 percent of global cocoa production. Plus the demand is now greater than supply availability.·

Assessing competitors

James had always priced his coffee and teas at a level which was competitive with Costas and Starbucks or any other coffee shop in this area. Company always looking for different offers choices to the customer which competitors does not offer. For example, Clare’s Chocolate offer a free-handmade chocolate with every hot beverage.

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